• Author: nullNaN

    Languages: javascript

    Browser: Be sure to keep your browser updated and it should be fine :)

    Download: https://openuserjs.org/install/nullNaN/OGLight.user.js

    Hello everyone,

    i'm here to make my script validated : OGLight

    (and sorry for my english, i juste hope that you will understand me)

    The main goal of the script is to replace Antigame for me, with something with no setup and a user friendly interface

    Let's see the features together :


    - In the red rectangle, shortucts have been added and when you click on them, it will select the required cargo to move all ressources on the planet.

    - In the green square, this is a button that will preselect 1 small cargo, 1 probe and the 16 position for quicly launching expeditions that aims to find darkmatter.


    - In the yellow rectangle, there are colored buttons that can mark the planet to make it more visible.

    - For example, in the blue rectangle, this planet has been put in red.


    The script will sort spy reports by ressources in a table (messages tab)

    - In the red rectangle, the coords of the planet, if you click on it, it will redirect to the galaxy tab.

    - In the blue rectangle, this is the player name, click on it to see the full spy report.

    - In the yellow rectangle, this is the total resources on the planet (with a conversion : 1deut = 2metal and 1crystal = 1.5metal)

    - In the green rectangle, you can click to choose small or large cargo to use and you will be redirected to the fleet tab with all the good data preselected (cargo type, cargo number, coords, mission type)

    - In the pink rectangle, there are the same colored buttons as in the galaxy tab. There is also a "close" button that will remove the spy report.

    Line font color will be gray for low resources, red if there are ships or defs and green if the amount of resources is good enough


    - In the red rectangle, this is the script menu button. It will display two essentials informations for the script to work properly : your current Hyperspace Technology level and your preselected cargo type (useful for different options below)

    If you hover it, the cargo type will be more visible. If you click it will change your cargo type.

    Be sure to set your Hyperspace Technology level by going into the research tab.


    - In the green rectangle, you can click to "lock" a building or a tech. It will add a shortcut to your right menu (see below for more details)

    - In the blue rectangle, my building is locked, i can unlock it by clicking again.

    It is possible to lock only one building on a planet.


    - In the blue rectangle, the button show that a building is locked. Clicking on it will redirect you to the fleet tab with preselected options (cargo number, coords, resources needed, fleet mode) starting from the planet you are when you clicked.

    Cargo will be sent on moon if there is one.

    Cargo type for this action will be defined by the left menu script button.

    - In the green rectangle, this is the level of your mines (be sure to go on all your planets buildings to the script can get data).

    - In the red rectangle, there are two shortcuts :

    - The circle will preselect cargo to move all the current planet resources to the targeted planet.

    - The moon shape will do the same, targeting the moon.

    thanks for reading :)

    If you have any question / suggestion, feel free to post here or PM me

  • v1.0.2

    [bugfix] sometimes galaxy colors were not displayed

    [bugfix] error in spy reports RVal when there was more than 1g resources

    [bugfix] error in build/tech "lock" when it cost more than 1g resources

    [polishing] activity in report table added

    [polishing] minor ui improvements

  • v1.0.3

    [bugfix] moved galaxy color buttons to make Sensor Phalanx easier to use

    [bugfix] destroyed planets no longer prevent spy reports to be sorted

    [polishing] moved right menu building info when planets are in "big display" mode

  • v1.0.4

    [feature] "locked" build/tech resources can now be retrieved from different planets

    [feature] "locked" button now display missing resources

    [bugfix] sometimes last fleet screen resources were unintentionally preselected

    [polishing] code optimization

  • v1.0.5

    [feature] marked targets can now be listed (screen below)

    [bugfix] script wasn't working properly on fleet page when there was no ship

    [polishing] instantly update planet menu lock icon when a build/tech is locked


  • v1.0.7

    [feature] new expedition button added in fleet tab that focus on finding resources (417 lc & 1 probe)

    [feature] resources detail is displayed when mouse is over RVal in the spy reports table

    [bugfix] sometimes spy reports table wasn't displayed when the mouse was over some interactive elements

    [polishing] minor ui improvements

  • v1.0.8

    [feature] expedition buttons now preselect all available SC or LC (so it's dynamic and not to similar too Commander "standard fleet" feature)

    [feature] lock button doesn't disappear when there are no remaining needed resources

    [feature] lock button doesn't display the current level anymore but the wanted one

    [bugfix] lock button needed deut wasn't working properly

  • Hi, is it okay if I ask something here?

    I started using OGLight yesterday, but I'm having an issue every time I hover a planet in order to use the shortcut to fleet, resources etc, as the menu will dissappear as soon as I try to select any option.

    Is there any way to fix this? Tested on Opera and Chrome +TamperMonkey with the same issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  • hello, it's not a bug, a lot of people asked me to disable this tooltip cause it can be really annoying

  • I see.

    Well, I actually find it useful, and it is the only thing I do not really like about you awesome extension so... is there any way to increase the hover time? I guess it may be about changing some value on the script, so I thin I could do it by myself if you tell me where.

    Thanks :)

  • I see.

    Well, I actually find it useful, and it is the only thing I do not really like about you awesome extension so... is there any way to increase the hover time? I guess it may be about changing some value on the script, so I thin I could do it by myself if you tell me where.

    Thanks :)

    You can remove this line :

    1. sender.classList.remove('tooltipClose');
  • Best script ever!!!

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