• Hi

    I used to play ogame religiously many moons ago, tried to register again today and it's all changed!

    What do the different universes 'military' 'balanced' and 'economy's mean? How do I tell what speed each universe is?

    I miss the simplicity that universe 3 used to be.....


  • I have yet to notice a pattern in how the type shown in the lobby is determined. If you want the full specs, they are shown in the forum section for each universe.

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  • low fleet speed and high economy = miner/economy universe

    high debris (70%) + high fleet speed = military universe

    30-50% debris + equal fleet and eco speed = balanced

    i think?

  • just join the newest one, play for a a few months, enjoy what it has to offer, then join the next one when it opens, That's what GF wants you to do : )

    and maybe this way you will just enjoy the trainride no matter where it goes : )

    just don't buy DM ; )