Failed Scrappy Coco Part 2: Song Dong's Long Peaceful Hong Kong Bong Pong somehow went Wrong, says Kim Il-Sung

  • I think we all know the GOs won’t answer publicly as it will encourage others to go down the route of scrapping and “legally” trading off all res at 2/1/1

    However yet again some GOs are coming across like little children.

    Public boards are used to ask questions, enquire about strategy, distribute news etc but they are also used to create an interface with MODs, GOs and GAs...if some people are uncomfortable with this then I suggest that person really isn’t suited to become part of the team at ogame.

    If you believe being a GO/SGO means you are better than the “standard” player and use the boards to try belittle or be smart to avoid questions then the chances are you are indeed part of the problem with the game support.

  • I can't think of a single GO/SGO who thinks they are better than the "standard" player.
    Quite the opposite in fact. I barely have the time to mine with my active account because of all the work I put into doing this job.

    But what everybody seems to forget is that the circumstances of an action matter.
    The data has to support a rule violation.

    Let me tell you from experience: A GO/SGO can't answer a question generally.
    If you do, somebody will always ask something more specific which can't be answered and then there will be outcry we aren't answering questions.
    Or they will take what you wrote completely out of context to create strife within the community.
    And, I hate to say it, there are those who are so against the game staff they will argue just because that is what they do.
    I would love to be able to answer questions in the forum, but, unfortunately it doesn't work very well.
    Again, I've tried.
    Comfort level has nothing to do with it.

    If you have a specific question about your circumstances, it is best to ask in a support ticket.
    Honestly, I would love if GameForge would bring the pillory back.
    I think transparency is a good and necessary thing.
    I think it would also build more trust in what we do because you guys would see what we are doing.
    I have no idea what transpired here and I have no idea what is going on in this universe.
    Simply put, not everything you guys see rises to the level of a rule violation, no matter how much you guys try to say it does.
    Some things also require a massive amount of effort to prove and simply take time.

    Just because you aren't seeing an action today on our part does not mean you won't see that action tomorrow.
    We use the data to support rule violations, not player opinion.

    I hope I have helped clarify some of the confusion. :smile2:

  • diddy I'm not sure you were speaking about me, but I'd address what you've said anyway.

    I don't answer random scenarios on the board anymore because they are often shadowy constructs of open or recent ban cases. We aren't supposed to be talking about specific bans on the board, and I think it's very important not to talk about players or situations that are in an open investigation.

    I would say with certainty that I am not "better" than the average player here, nor have an agenda to prove myself superior. I just don't think it's a good idea for me to paint myself into a corner with what are typically loaded questions or questions that are minefields set up by "the usual suspects" who have an agenda beyond the concocted scenario.

    If that thought process creates a perception that I am thinking I am somehow better than others, my apologies to you all, it's not the case.

  • My point was a general point my SGO friends :-)

    Don’t get defensive

    In my vast life experience if the answer to someone’s question is a justification of their work or a smart arse remark generally that person is in the wrong job and part of a problem somewhere. Again that’s a general point not aimed at anyone

    Also Iv no idea who the “usual suspects” are? Hopefully that’s not aimed at me because my board interaction is always lighthearted and fun (for me anyway)

    Now can we get back on subject before we all get warned by a power hungry MOD :-)

  • Silverwind? No. That can't be. Cut him some slack though, he rode the short bus for so long they let him drive it so that's something!

    Also imagine if Jer was here lol. If I cant name myself Hugh Jashole then idk what this world is anymore.

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  • Oh dear

    song and a couple of support accounts too I see

    No doubt it’s got absolutely nothing to do with trading between his multis and also Hanhan account.....

    Rice anyone?