[O-Table] : Advanced spy report table

  • Hello,

    O-Table is a tool that collects your Spy reports to generate a table. You can interact with this table to spy, attack, or recycle. The script allows you to sort or display spy reports that only match with the criteria you wish.

    This script works a bit like Raid Facile (before Ogame V6).

    Here are the mains features :

    - You can collect an infinite amount of spy reports to sort them all in only one table

    - You can hide lines that doesn't match your criteria (Defense or fleet too high, profits lower than the amount you wish)

    - You can sort the table by every column

    - There is a MSU loot column, to know raw MSU profits

    - The table is disconnected from the ogame spy reports. This means that if you delete a line, it doesn't delete the spy report on message page. Alternatively, if you delete a spy report on message page, it doesn't delete the SR line.

    - Current version can collect and summarize profits from Combat reports line and can understand if your profits are from inactive or active people, if you use O-Table to collect your Spy reports

    - There is more than 100 differents options to customize your table, from columns, highlights and colors, sorting, statistics...

    - You can make differents profiles to store different presets of options

    Some mechanics and requirements :

    - Works with tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, or Yandex browser on Android)

    - Only works with SR that are younger than 24h (to avoid making spy database or copy favorite premium feature).

    - Keeps only combat reports younger than 7 days.

    - Doesn't collect any infos from API IDs (so that means the script only works with datas shown on the page).

    - Language : French, English, Spanish (translaction partially done manually).

    - Ingame chat popups must be disabled

    - Compatibility with Antigame, Improve v6, Topraider, and every script that doesn't modify SRs.

    Installation Link : https://openuserjs.org/scripts/OddWH/O-Table

    Here is the origin thread from Origin : https://board.origin.ogame.gam…dvanced-spy-report-table/

    Just a small picture of the tool :

    And a copy/paste from the origin thread :

  • Hi,

    Just a small Update for O-Table. Here is the changelog:

    FYI, I'm starting to work on the possibility to sort CR tables, so I added some lines of code for this, but currently disabled. It's buggy and not finished. I'll come back in a few weeks with a new update :)

    Please note that travel time columns, and arrival times are sorted by the same way, so these columns can be highlighted simultaneously

  • Any chance to make it work with US servers?

    CR stats do work but not SR. It doesn't get picked up. As far I can understand there is only difference in Defense instead of Defence like on UK servers.

    US: 67qaeW7.png

    EN: Kz1Ktg2.png

  • Hi,

    The script should work on EN servers as I'm testing it on origin. Could you please tell me what doesn't work ? :)

    x2z : What add-on do you use ? In France, "Defense" is "Defense" too and I suppose everything is the same in Ids, so it should work.

    Please try without any add-on and let me know if the issue persists :)

  • Ok, I have made it work for me, sorry to alarm anyone.

    There was a conflict with another addon I am using.

    Reminder to anyone having issues: check conflicts with other addons.

  • Hi,

    Script updated for v7.


    Changelog v2.3.0 :

    - Ogame v7 compatibility

    Please note : when you click on a button to send ships, the script automatically pre-select the ship type and the amount. But... the next button stays grey. Just press enter once and it will become green.

    I'm just waiting a small answer from NoMoreAngel to put an automatic enter keypress (only one to put the button to green), as it should be green directly (it stays grey because I had to find a workaround to make pre-selections, GF forgot to update a function).

  • Just a small update :


    Changelog 2.3.1 :

    [Fix] : Wrong formula for amount of SC/LC

    [Speed] : The script doesn't wait anymore the fleetdispatch page to be completed to fill the ship amount (it's a bit faster now)

  • First of all: great job OddWH . One of the greatest plugins in this game. Thanx for quick update to v7.

    Although i noticed a bug:

    spying from a list (by clicking target's name/login) sends only 1 probe

    of course in the main settings of account there is a proper amount of probes to be sent (changing it, putting for example 3 or 10, or 77 - still doesnt work)

    Could You look into it?

    Thanx in advance :)

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  • Hi,

    I've been noticed about this bug in the french community. I'll do a fix soon, but I'm not sure if it will be done this week as I will lack of time..


    Changelog 2.3.3 :

    [Links] : Old links has been put back to make it work with AGR

    [Fix] Amount of recyclers sent was completely wrong

    NOTE TO ALL PROBE "Looters" ? (idk if this word exists in english ^^) : Attacking with probes or recycling by using script button will not auto select the mission if you have AGR enabled.

    I don't know but it seems like AGR overwrites everything when sending ships, even my script missions. As AGR doesn't have a probe looting feature, it removes my mission. Sad :(

    I'll have to make a fix for that, but for now, when using O-table with probes, please disable AGR to make it work only during your sending phase.

    Thank you!

  • Hi, small update for today :


    Changelog 2.3.4 :

    [Feature] : Option added to chose the amount of spy probe when spying

    [Bug v7] : Auto research collect is now fixed.

    The option is at the last line of" Account Techs and Universe Settings" in O-Table options.

    I didn't create an autocollect for amount of spy probes as it would have needed to create the same system that I use to display O-Table in message page. It would require me time for only one small option.

  • I have been in vmode for nearly a week now, because my internet has been unreliable.

    Today I returned to find that O-Table was not working for me.

    After an hour of trying to make it work, I have resorted to coming here to report the bug.

    The script does not collect spy reports, either automatically or manually. Instead, the button for "Get Messages" is in orange, and does nothing upon click.

    I can still display the table even though it is empty.

    I have resorted to using substandard scripts to get me through, but I really liked O-Table a lot and am hoping there is an unannounced issue or something I can do to fix this.

    Things I have tried:
    - Update the script
    - Disable every single other addon
    - Refresh the page numerous countless times
    - Uninstall and reinstall the script.

    I am using my mobile phone for internet at the moment, so maybe this is somehow the issue.
    Thanks for your continued work on this project.


  • Hi,

    I have an user that reported me an issue with UniverseView in French community : their script has been updated and is not compatible anymore with O-Table, do you have this script ? This user told me that he disabled all addons, but he forgot this one as it's not a tampermonkey addon :)

    Anyway, please share me by PM the console log when it collects SR (Right click > Inspect and console tab), and a screenshot of your spy reports, to see if I see something wrong. Thanks!

    Today, new update :


    [Changelog 2.4.0]

    - Feature : Pathfinder attack button

    You can now launch attacks with pathfinders, like with small/large cargo. Everything is the same (you have MSU/Hr looting, trip time, etc...).

    Please note : As with the probes, you need to have AGR disabled when you launch attack, elsewise, the mission will not be pre-selected.

  • Hi, small changelog to fix a bug :


    Changelog 2.4.1

    [Bug] : Pathfinder travel time is now good, it was exactly the same than probes

    [Feature] : Pathfinder travel time is added in the travel time column tooltip

  • It did not show G13 entries.


    this line:

    GetUsersOptions.GalaxyShown = "1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11;12"; //Affiche toutes les galaxies




  • Tbh, I'd up it to 200 unless you rewrite the code. DE 50 had (probably gone now) 50 galaxies. It shows that there are some crazy people in the GF ;P, so be prepared.

    Anyway, this script is very helpful, thanks!

    @"Script tolerators":

    Would it be allowed to calculate the resources that are on the planet "now" based on the mines/storage and time past since the report? (I could probably code it myself). I think you would have to "open" each report by hand for the script to read this info in, but it sounds worth it in the long term to me, as inactive players rarely upgrade their mines. ;)

    Also (way less importantly): I'd like to make it possible to increase the probe capacity to 1000000000 so that you can abuse the "one-click probe loot" feature: By attacking with 1 probe, you can quickly and cheaply test whether there are defenses on that planet.