[O-Table] : Advanced spy report table

  • Hello,

    O-Table is a tool that collects your Spy reports to generate a table. You can interact with this table to spy, attack, or recycle. The script allows you to sort or display spy reports that only match with the criteria you wish.

    This script works a bit like Raid Facile (before Ogame V6).

    Here are the mains features :

    - You can collect an infinite amount of spy reports to sort them all in only one table

    - You can hide lines that doesn't match your criteria (Defense or fleet too high, profits lower than the amount you wish)

    - You can sort the table by every column

    - There is a MSU loot column, to know raw MSU profits

    - The table is disconnected from the ogame spy reports. This means that if you delete a line, it doesn't delete the spy report on message page. Alternatively, if you delete a spy report on message page, it doesn't delete the SR line.

    - Current version can collect and summarize profits from Combat reports line and can understand if your profits are from inactive or active people, if you use O-Table to collect your Spy reports

    - There is more than 100 differents options to customize your table, from columns, highlights and colors, sorting, statistics...

    - You can make differents profiles to store different presets of options

    Some mechanics and requirements :

    - Works with tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, or Yandex browser on Android)

    - Only works with SR that are younger than 24h (to avoid making spy database or copy favorite premium feature).

    - Keeps only combat reports younger than 7 days.

    - Doesn't collect any infos from API IDs (so that means the script only works with datas shown on the page).

    - Language : French, English, Spanish (translaction partially done manually).

    - Ingame chat popups must be disabled

    - Compatibility with Antigame, Improve v6, Topraider, and every script that doesn't modify SRs.

    Installation Link : https://openuserjs.org/scripts/OddWH/O-Table

    Here is the origin thread from Origin : https://board.origin.ogame.gam…dvanced-spy-report-table/

    Just a small picture of the tool :

    And a copy/paste from the origin thread :

  • Hi,

    Just a small Update for O-Table. Here is the changelog:

    FYI, I'm starting to work on the possibility to sort CR tables, so I added some lines of code for this, but currently disabled. It's buggy and not finished. I'll come back in a few weeks with a new update :)

    Please note that travel time columns, and arrival times are sorted by the same way, so these columns can be highlighted simultaneously