[O-Table] : Advanced spy report table

  • This could be an interesting feature so let's ask to NoMoreAngel and Naynay to get their opinion about that. In the past I already asked if it would be allowed to count planet production when opening detailed spy reports, NoMoreAngel said yes, as it seems smilar, it could be good too.

    Yeah we had the same universe 50 in France with 50 galaxies, but merged now. I don't think something like this will reappear in the near future. Anyway I should update the code to make something dynamic by checking the amount of galaxies the user entered in their options (or checking API, I don't remember but I'm quite sure we can get this info somewhere...).

    I don't really understand the purpose to test if there is defense on a planet by attacking with 1 probe, as when you spy, you should already see if it's safe for not :)

  • This could be an interesting feature so let's ask to NoMoreAngel and Naynay to get their opinion about that. In the past I already asked if it would be allowed to count planet production when opening detailed spy reports, NoMoreAngel said yes, as it seems smilar, it could be good too.

    That functionality is allowed, Skynet had it implemented in the past. (The tool doesnt work anymore with v7)

  • Hi,

    Ok, thanks!

    FYI, the next version of O-Table will be released tomorrow at 1pm (french clock). Please read that :

    I made a complete re-work on storage management. The script started to be too heavy for tampermonkey and chrome. This is because every CR, every SR had its own data entry on tampermonkey. As example, on my "classic" usage of O-Table (I spy 300 inactives daily and do around 150CRs), my script had something like 2000 entries constantly stored on the script.

    With the old version, when I'm collecting CRs by hundreds, the script can overload the browser, which has in consequence a crash of AGR and a looooot of lags. I sometimes need to wait a few minutes to get a full recover of the page after collecting 10-15 pages of CRs. This was because storing 50CRs needed to call something like 300 times the setvalue function. With the new version, it only calls it something like 10 times :)

    With the new update, no more lags on collecting/deleting datas ! :)

    Important information to read :

    - After the update, your Spy report table will be empty. If you use your table the whole day as I do, please just be careful to remember what line number you attacked before the update. Just remember to use the empty table button once, as olds SR are still stored but not used (no impact on performance btw).

    - All your CR data will be migrated. This migration process is launched when you click on the display or collect button on CR page. Please note that once the migration is done, you will get a page refresh. Important notice : The migration process is heavy as it deletes all your old datas, so your browser can take a few minutes to respond. This will happen only once :smile2:

    I did a lot of test to be sure the migration process doesn't corrupt datas, but if you're afraid to lose datas, you can backup your datas by doing this :

    - Go to your tampermonkey dashboard on the tampermonkey button (at the right top of your browser)

    - Click on the setting tab from tampermonkey interface

    - Change configuration mode to Advanced

    - On tampermonkey interface, go back to your installed userscript tab.

    - Click on O-Table and go to the storage tab

    - Copy and store all your datas on a notepad

    This way, your data will be saved :)

    I'll post the full changelog this evening.

  • Hi,

    I just updated the script. I hope everything will run fine for all, and no data crash.

    You can find the detailed changelog below :

  • NoMoreAngel I'm imitating OddWH in tagging you, I guess this is how it goes here.

    I'd like to mark each "defless coords" in the spy report table using my "defless coords" list that I created with AntiGameReborn.

    I have only tested my code, not used it, yet. I'd like to get green light.

  • FYI there is still a conflict with Universe View. I am unable to get new messages when it's enabled.

    Disabling "Add a quick loot link in the espionage reports." option in Universe View resolves this conflict.

  • Good morning OddWh, i downloaded your script and it helped me a lot optimising my farming time! so thank you!

    i have one question, old reports (like 2 days old) seems not to be displayed on the table, i try to savethe data as you told from a .txt but when i try to display de table no one report is shown there, i don't know how to restore mi old sr data, or maybe after 2 days all the info dissapears.

    greetings and sorry my english =S

  • thank you very much pattrick, it worked fine, the page slows down a bit but it still working, i commented from line 2810 to 2814 and i put "REBaseDone.push(MessageToDo);" out of the if sentence

    Message.LienSonde = ('https://' + Meta.Universe + '/game/index.php?page=ingame&component=fleetdispatch&galaxy=' + Message.CoordGalaxie + '&system=' + Message.CoordSS + '&position=' + Message.CoordPos + '&type=' + Message.Moon + '&routine=3&mission=1&am210=' + Message.NbSonde);

    I changed this on line 3264 too that allows you to select the attack button of the probe instead of spy button, I don't know if that was caused to me because the ussage of antigame too

    thank you so much, so appreciated

  • Patrick19940504   OddWH

    Thank you so much for developing this tool and for all of the posts about ideas. I am now using this tool and it is amazing! Such a time saver and profit gainer ;)

    I was wondering if there was ever some code developed to take into account the mine levels and age of the report like Patrick suggested above.

    I was also wondering if there was code developed to take into account not only the mine levels and age of report, but also the res generated during your flight time. This would have to be based off of whatever raiding ship you set as the default and would need to look at the base speed, class, and drive tech level for the selected ship.

    Thanks Again!


  • Max Age 1 day is apparently hard-coded. I changed it from 86400 to 4*86400 (4 days) like this:


    That slowed the script down, so I added some speed-ups, you could add some of those changes, OddWH - at least the ones that reduce the number of document.querySelector() calls.


    hey man, i'm sorry to burst your bubble, but i'm sure that is illegal. The reason we are not able to change existing scripts WITHOUT HAVING THE CHANGES APPROVED is because of things like this that you are doing.

    There is a REASON that it was hard-coded into the script:
    Scripts that are tolerated are not allowed to give players an advantage that they would otherwise not have without it, such as:
    Having espionage reports for 4 days, when non-script users do not.

    This is a serious breach of the OGame terms and conditions i.e. THE RULES and you should expect some sort of backlash. My advice is for you to not make changes to scripts without having the changes approved by an administrator.

    I like what you have done, and as a constant user of this script, I would love to have this advantage, as I keep a log of over 300 espionage reports from inactives - but this is an illegal advantage, sir.


  • Hi,

    I limited the SR age limit to 86400 sec (1 day) because I want to avoid the possibility to store SR for a longer time. This is necessary as Ogame has its own feature in the commander with favorites.

    Same thing for CR, limited for one week where you are allowed to do some modifications (Modify data values or delete a CR)

    I don't know if we can extand to a longer time without entering in conflict with Commander.

    NoMoreAngel : What would be the longest time we could allow to store SR on the script ?

    One week could be maybe good for SR too, let's see :)

    Anyway, new update for today :


    Changelog 2.5.3 :

    [Patch] : O-Table checks if universe has the market feature enabled or not

  • Is it possible/allowed to automatically remove spy reports from the table once you get a newer report from that planet?