[O-Table] : Advanced spy report table

  • Sinoxa


    hey man, i'm sorry to burst your bubble, but i'm sure that is illegal. The reason we are not able to change existing scripts WITHOUT HAVING THE CHANGES APPROVED is because of things like this that you are doing.

    When I read this, I struggled. The account grew by cheating but did I want to stop playing over this? Then I realized that those are independent questions. So I deleted the cheater account, that was a no-brainer at that point.

    And, separately, I decided not to create another one - IOW I decided against playing OGame. It is better that way.

  • Hello,

    Sorry, I didn't saw it until... today when the update came in France.

    Here is the next version coming :


    Changelog 2.6.1 :

    [Patch] : Issue with spy report data collection fixed for Ogame V8

    Note : This version isn't updated yet for travel time with alliance classes.

    FYI, as said in the changelog, I still have not updated yet the travel time formula. It will come later.

    Another small information : currently, I stay focused on just keeping the script alive :) I don't have much more motivation to get involved in the game since the drama with v7. Sorry for the delay with v8, didn't know they changed spy report structure so for me everything was fine

  • Hello, just updated the script :


    Changelog 2.6.2 :

    [Patch] : Updated metadata function to collect fleet speed on ogame v8.1

    Please note that I havn't been able to keep the compatibility with antigame... if you have antigame activated, you will not be able to validate fleet 2 menu by pressing enter. I think the problem is more located on antigame' side than mine (as with antigame disable, it works perfectly).

  • Hello,

    It stopped calculating daily profits and damages properly on 9 sept 2022. Not sure if game version was changed. Could you please what could be the reason for that problem?

    Learning my XYZ:quote:

  • Hello.

    Is it possible to add one or several of the options to the O-Table?

    1) A list with the planets that I usually spy on;

    2) Mass spionage button for all or some spy reports in the table — e.g. I always attack the same inactives, it would be much easier to select all or only some of the reports and send probes to several planets at once with the click of one button

    3) An option to remove an entry from the table once a probe has been sent — to eliminate the chance of sending probes to the same planet once again and creating duplicate entries.

    Thank you.