C'mon, open at least one Uni without DM, let's see who's the best ;-)

  • 10/10 would play again

    Not shure Ogame is profitable enough for GF to invest in that kind of thing

    Mby if it was a pay to enter uni or an limited players or something

    I am makeing Silverwind's days

  • I mean , just one Uni for a few months, wouldn't really make a big difference :)

    But if turning away from PAY2WIN completely, then yeah, it's definitely a challenge for them to come up with alternative income streams .

  • I believe they have opened a classic uni and it died quickly as people lost interest in it.

    But if people are not complaining about DM usage, they'll fall back to the old complaint of some players being able to spend more time online than others. When they got crashed they'd resort to saying the attacker has no life and the reason they got crashed is because they have a life and don't have time for a silly online text based game...people always find things to complain about in addition to excuses.

    Understanding the mechanics of the game is one thing, having lots of time to devote to raiding, hunting, etc. is something else altogether. You can have all the skill in the world with the game but it won't do any good without time to devote to it.

    So, if you truly want to pit people up against one another in a level battlefield to figure out "who's the best" you have to have a level playing field. And since we can't manage how much time someone spends online with the game each day...you'll never be able to have that level playing field. I can spend 12 to 16 hours raiding inactive accounts and hunting each day if I want to whilst others cannot.

    My advice, play your game your way and don't fall into the trap of worrying about who spends more than others with DM or the amount of time they spend on the game. You'll lose that argument every time and just come across as a whiner, not winner.

  • Good reasoning , insight and a thoughtful reply . That makes sense , Thanks for taking the time to share :)

  • there are games out there that offer f2p and nothing you can buy will improve your gameplay

    And they make money

    Most F2P games that have things you can make purchases only sell cosmetic things...changing your characters appearance, equipment colors, etc. Works great in a game with graphics. But in a text based game like oGame, there is no money in that so they have to offer things which have some form of utilization.

  • mby som different ship designs or somethingblike that

    But for that to bring some mobey they should invest quite some work, time and money into advertising to make the game more popular

    I am makeing Silverwind's days

  • he may be a universe bully and crushing everyone

    But he has nice hof posts and answers

    I am ranked one in Dorado, and I do have the most number of HoFs, etc. But that doesn't mean I'm bullying or crushing everyone. In fact, I'm one of the few people in Dorado that abhors sat bashing, defense bashing and I usually won't fly unless there is profit or it provides for a long term strategic effect down the road. Obviously I make exceptions for a choice few people who have crossed me and been rude to me, but I have top 10'd them and they know their place in the world now.

  • mby som different ship designs or somethingblike that

    But for that to bring some mobey they should invest quite some work, time and money into advertising to make the game more popular

    I agree, they don't advertise for oGame at all. At least not anywhere that I see. But text based games just aren't popular in this day and age. If FO Vault 76 wasn't such a complete cluster @#$% I would never have came back to oGame. We have new ship designs coming, but no one is going to buy a new ship design unless it provides something useful...no room for cosmetics here in a text based game.

    I'm kind of surprised they never instituted a better reward system for referrals or recruiting new players to the game regardless of which uni they want to play in. The current buddy point system is ridiculous.

    They need to provide an incentive/motivation to play in established unis. Instead of starting at 0, they should maybe look at starting new people based off some kind of sliding scale system that averages out the current uni populations scoring from the bottom to maybe rank 100 (or higher, go up to rank 1 for all I care). Especially in unis where it's pretty much going to be impossible to catch up to the top 100, let alone the top 10 if you're starting from scratch.

    I know there are laws about ownership when it comes to accounts with paid DM, but I wonder if they couldn't take accounts that didn't pay for DM that have gone inactive and put them in a holding uni. Let new people have the opportunity to choose one of those abandoned inactive accounts and then have it removed from the holding uni to whichever uni they're wanting to play in.

    And also, I really think they should have some kind of grace period for new players that join unis and determine that it's settings aren't what they are comfortable with. Right now, most new people have zero clue what the settings mean for speed unis. They aren't prepared for fast fleet or fast ECO and they lose interest fast because they can't cope with it versus how they live their daily schedules. Allow them to migrate to unis that have speeds they would be more comfortable with after they've had some time acclimate and determine if that's what they really want. That's why I love Dorado, it's old school 1x speed (for everything)..retirement speed as I affectionately refer to it. I think during merges, anyone that wants to go there up to a certain range +/- of the average of the top 10 should be allowed to migrate to our little retirement settlement.

    Right now oGame and State of Decay 2 on xBox have my interest, but as soon as Cyberpunk comes out something is going to have to give I imagine.

  • there is a lot to be tone to improve this game

    My guess is GF has some strategy about their money investments, advertising and how much they are able to get back from it


    Would it be worthwile for us, the community, to try to advertise the game without the help of GF in ways that we do not spend our money. Take the matter in our hands, if we manage to bring more ppl in it is likely that GF is gonna make more money from ogame, and is possible that they will invest more. If they do not is not like we lost 100k dollars or something and we got bigger community.

    Open up threads on other general forums, mby someone that has knowledge in social media marketing, some gamecons, si-ficons.

    We coukd organise ourselves through a forum section on existing board.

    I am makeing Silverwind's days