• Name: ProxyForGame

    • Info : A set of various calculators for OGame
    • Author : ScriptLab, Ogeeon
    • Website :
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    • Download : -
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    • Browser : Any
    • Languages : English, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Slovene, Turkish, Portuguese

      List of calculators:

      • Trade calculator
      • Costs calculator
      • Construction queue
      • Production calculator
      • Graviton calculator
      • Terraformer
      • Flight time calculator
      • Moons

    Source: https://board.origin.ogame.gam…me-calculators-for-OGame/
    Developer: ScriptLab


  • (I hope I can post here.)

    Greetings everyone.

    I am the one who currently maintains

    If you don't use it in general or the production calculator in particular, you don't need to read any further.

    There is a question for those who use this calculator.

    Recently I have updated the "All Planets" tab in this calculator to allow users to specify the degree of overload of Crawlers and save a list of planets with their data and general settings separately for each server.

    A few feedback emails came in saying that it used to be more convenient, one could enter all the data quickly. I can agree with that and will make it so that you can switch between the old way of entering data on this tab and the new one.

    But maybe someone else has more suggestions for this tab?

    Or, once we're at it, on this calculator in general?

  • I guess I'll start keeping my changelog here too. So...


    [feature] Production Calculator now lets you estimate amortisation of mines and Plasma technology upgrades.

    When I calculate the production increase of mines, I take into account all values that influence production - planet position, boosters, class, Crawlers etc. If needed, one can also add resources needed to build Solar Sats to power new level of a mine.