OGame UI++

  • I am not having any freezing issues. For reference, this is my setup:

    - AntiGameReborn:
    "Don't fix incomplete player tooltips to avoid problems with other tools" chosen under "Galaxy, Jumpgate & other"

    - Infocompte

    - UniverseView

    - and, of course, OGameUI++

    A friend of mine had similar issues and found that uninstalling and reinstalling the OGameUI++ addon resolved the problem. I am unsure as to why this worked, as I did not perform the reinstall myself. We are both using Chrome web browsers and have Tampermonkey installed to assist with Infocompte.

    We do not use cellphones to play OGame, however I have successfully installed every addon functionally to "Kiwibrowser" which emulates a PC Chrome browser, if this helps anyone.

    Good luck.

  • When I add OGame UI++ to chrome, I cannot get the extension to work.
    I can see the extension working in Firefox, but does not want to use firedox