• Flottille

    • Info: Flottille show your fleet value like a spy report.
    • Author: Valmone
    • Ogame: 6.6.1
    • Website: No website, probably later.
    • Support : Here, on the french board and on discord: @Valmone#4097 .
    • Download : Flottille
    • Screenshot : See Below.
    • Browser : Chrome (Tampermonkey), probably on Firefox(Greasemonkey).
    • Compability : Every scripts for the moment.
    • Languages : All.

    Flottille is a simple script that show your fleet value when your are on fleet page, or shipyard page.

    The value is show between your pseudo and ranking.

    Except solar satellites, every ship are taken.

    Thank you :)


    Source: https://board.origin.ogame.gam…p/Thread/10959-Flottille/
    Developer: Valmone