[script] improve v6 script

  • Improve v6

    I'll present you a little script i made waiting for AGO ^^

    It's a script to impove the view of espio report :

    - It reduces the espi to only keed what's needed

    - It add the LC/SC needed to get all ressources

    - It colors red the espi that you have attacked

    - When there is more than 5M ress to make, it display a ratio R. R = (loots+DF)/defense * 10.

    Then look for green and big R :P

    - It enable to copy and past detailed espio report to speedsim. And the ressources will get to speedsim too !

    New :

    - Link to speedsim

    - Link to spy

    Enjoy :)

    To make it works in other langages, i need to know the abreviation used on ogame for millions and billions ;)

    Tool submitted for tolearation by Shole | 08.12.2015.

    Tool officially tolerated by GameForge | 14.01.2016

    Source: https://board.origin.ogame.gam…script-improve-v6-script/
    Developer: vulca