• TopRaider

    Hi :)

    Here is a new website I just made for raider.

    Then, what is this site ?

    It's a website that allows raider to see the profits they make each day/weeks/month or whatever period you want with raid summaries and charts :

    Here are a raid summary of the day and the week :

    And here are the kind of charts you can find :

    But with this site also allows player to compare to each other by participating to the "Top Raider of the week" that rank the 20 best raiders of the week. (those who make the best profits)

    The best alliance and the best universes are also ranked

    (the participation to these TOP is optional)

    Here is the top raider of the current week : (you can also sort the results by country, by universes or by fleet speed )

    You can also see a records pages with the global records, and your records

    Since the V6, It contains a CR convertor :

    And a link to a speedsim using the API key to enter data :

    How it works ?

    To use it, you only need to install this script :

    (F.A.Q : )

    Then, open a combat report

    Open a combat report. An email and a password will be asked to create you account on this website.

    Once the email and password filled, you just have to open your combat reports to automatically send them to the website.

    Then you will only have to login to to access to your statistics :)

    Further information:

    * The site considers you harvested all the debris fields by default. But you can change it in your CR list (profits pages)

    * When you ACS attack or defend, the losses and earnings are spread between the participants depending the value of their sent fleet

    * The top of the week end/start between Monday and Sunday, and is updated each hour

    * If you want to translate it in another languages, it's easy to do. Please contact me ;)

    If you have questions, problems or suggestion. Say it ;)

    Source: https://board.origin.ogame.gam…ay-and-compare-to-others/
    Developer: vulca


  • TopRaider doesn't count profits properly for Pathfinders that are found on expeditions.

    Also, DF reports from expeditions need to be supported.

    --==~~ Play for fun... not for fame... ~~==--