Make Looting Great Again

  • Make Looting Great Again

    • Info: Retrieves combat reports and displays a detailed summary.
    • Author: Valmone
    • Website: No website, probably later.
    • Support : Here and on discord: @Valmone#4097 .
    • Download : Make Looting Great Again
    • Screenshot : See Below.
    • Browser : Chrome and on Firefox.
    • Compability : No incompatibility detected.
    • Languages : EN, ES and FR.

    Make Looting Great Again is a simple script that retrieves CR in messages (Combat Report menu) and loads looted resources, damages and losses.

    I work on the recovery of debris fields to not taken its entirety if we are the attacker, or nothing if we are the defender.

    Export is also not possible to know who has the biggest, it will be considered if it is fearfully asked


    Thank you :)

    Source: https://board.origin.ogame.gam…Make-Looting-Great-Again/
    Developer: Valmone


  • Quote from Changelogs 1.4.6
    • [New] Combat report is taken into account
    Quote from Changelogs 1.4.7
    • [New] Resources found in expedition is taken into account
    • [Modif] No problem with TopRaider :-D
    • [Modif] Improvement of the storage system