Looking for account

  • hey all

    I was not able to fi d forum section for account trades so i am posting here

    I am looking for an account in quantum

    Some friends are playing there so i would join them

    Thank you

    I am makeing Silverwind's days

  • HI all,

    Only dedicated players please

    I am giving away my quantum account. I was in Uni44 then merged to Quantum. I believe I was in Vacation mode at the time. My friends merged in Uni1 so that's where I started fresh.

    Dark matter Found 4660 + Purchased 700 = Total 5360

    One (1) Relocate available.

    Mid level Miner account highscore in the 3000's

    Account has no enemy's and not in any alliance.

    Almost no attack ships only have large cargo's ready for fleet saving.

    Planet 1- 193 fields (Galaxy 3)

    Planet 2- 231 fields (Galaxy 3)

    Planet 3- 242 fields (Galaxy 5)

    Planet 4- 242 fields (Galaxy 6)

    Current production at 100% with very little solar satellites

    Average mines at 24, 21, 20 (Not counting new planet)

    Facilities on all planets are same


    If interested please send me a PM. I will keep building the account until someone takes it.

    Happy Gaming :)

  • I will be giving the account by the 14th Oct 2019.