Can we be notified of events up to one week ahead ?

  • I see events are announced about 1-2 days before they begin, but is it possible we can have like a list of events scheduled to happen for the week ahead. So we have more time in advance to plan for the events.

  • Yeah, those events that are about 25% decrease in research time for example... and the event only lasts 1-2 days. Yet all of your researches, rather, useful researches, are in the billions of resources... With 1 day notice, not possible to gather all of that, literally have to give up the event.

  • yes please

    We do u derstand you give us all info you have

    We simply ask GF to plan and give notice in advance

    Even more DM on buy, we could arrange our RL better and spend more

    I am makeing Silverwind's days

  • Silly ......... if GameForge will start to give info about events many time before, users will stop to use premium function when cost max and to buy dark matter when have normal price and will do only when cost is minor ....... so less money for GameForge and more advantage for who use darkmatter versus who don't buy darkmatter.

    So propose don't sound so interesting for not paying players (yes there are also events not directly linked with use of dm, but they are a little part) and i suppose cannot sound interesting for gameforge (in newsletter there was these info and newsletter was stopped)