New Beginnings!

  • Dear friends and Ogame enthousiasts,

    After a medium-long break of Ogame I have decided to return to this beautiful game, only to find out that the dutch server is pretty inactive.

    Now I have started over on, yet I like to start in an active community as well. Just to keep it going a bit more.

    The problem is; I've got no clue what good and fun universe are. Do any of you have suggestions regarding a fun and active universe? :)


  • Join Europa.

    I might be slightly biased because I play there but it certainly feels active with how much I get spied on.

    You could always go to Universe 1. Plenty of new people join on a daily basis and there is loads to farm which will boost you're start up.

  • the test server we we get 10M dm to play around with the new update... why is it so slow??? everything takes so long to load and refresh.

    It is so slow due to the new setting, but also due to the fact that there are so many active people do so much at the same time.

    This server may not be as strong as other servers.

  • I honestly wish that the speed setting of the server were increases, as from my estimation the server is a 1x or 2x eco server which is useless for testing purposes as 10kk dam only gets you so far until it starts to cost 1kk dm to do one thing. I feel that they need to almost do a wipe of the server, change the setting and set everyone back to zero so they can see how the new classes affect.

  • Bermuda for sure is x5 eco

    Anyway is hard to test all.

    Sometimes the server slow, sometimes DM isn't enough.

    For example, if i want to test relocs like someone did, or class change more times...10M is not enough, especially cause i have to use it to boost my account to start to do something useful to call this a "test".

    All this if you not count DM wasted cause bug in shipyard and you try to dodge it doing something with DM and other ships/defence.

    Anyway i'll do my best to test what they give us. Is still a pleasure to try those things.

  • Well I feel that a lot is lacking... It was nice when NoMoreAngel was on the first day responding to errors and messages (I understand that they have a life as well) so it would be nice to have at least one moderator online so that we can get answers, as currently people are posting bugs and problems and the only ones responding are other players that are having the same problem.