A-Team's exclusive Fenrir boat party

  • Hello everyone! Welcome!

    Today is indeed a special day as we, the A-Team have decided to take a break after months and months of scary battles and sleepless nights, with a party of course!

    "A party, in space? Not possible!" - some would say, but I insist you keep reading and be ready for your mind to get blown!

    Yesterday, our NavY friends were very angry!

    We think the reason is because we messed with LoveAndHate and her multiple personalit(y )i(ssu)es, but we were just trying to help!

    To our surprise, our friends arrived to our harbors only to evacuate to their lifeboats and sail away!

    We didn't have any other option but to take their boats and organize a...


    Organization wasn't easy, but as I already said our friends provided us with a HUGE yacht and the rest was just logistics!

    1. Security:

    GalaxyWatch Security were kind enough to provide us with two of their best bouncers, Stellar and kitten!

    (LnH, don't bring one guy like last time and act as if it were 2 guys. Not cool!)

    2. Ambient:

    The inside of a ship contains a huge party room with 400 disco balls (soon to be donated by iSe)
    decorated with glittery dust from the remains of his moons!

    3. Booze:

    Both iSe and the great King Deadpool promised to send some of the best booze from their royal stash in galaxy four.

    We chose 'instant delivery' option so the barrels will be sent in iSe's probes. Thank god, the donations are finally meaningful!

    (fs before drinking, their booze makes you sleepy!) :)


    As an additional security measure,

    in case iSe makes a mess and sends the shipment through unsafe routes, Yamato will be guarding the shipment on the way over! :)


    Your masters of ceremony and entertainers will be none other but the true dynamic duo:


    - who will also be releasing his soon to be hit track "I blocked you on OGame and now I am going to VMode"

    DJ iSe

    - who won't be releasing anything because we confiscated his music equipment, pssst! :wink3:


    We always have interesting people, but this time we have... NAVY GIRLS!


    During this ceremony we are feeling extra kind, so any legit forum account interested in playing in Fenrir can contact me via PM and I will make sure to help you get started with a care package or two! :)

    Offer lasts until 23/09/2019