Raidos - The Raid Database

  • Dears,

    I hereby want to submit Raidos for approval.

    After Pre-Beta Testing with now above 100k crs it showed as stable and ready for the next step. It is not published yet but to be aimed for Open User Beta this month.


    Raidos will be a raid / cr statistics page, similar to it's original inspiration "Topraider".

    In basic, Raidos contain 4 components:

    Browser Plugin

    This plugin just contain very basic settings and will parse your CR data for API keys. Those will be uploaded to the backend including your registered Raidos ID and an generated API Key for authentication purposes.


    The Backend contains of a subset of NodeJS apps which have the purpose of collect the CR Keys from the users Browser Plugins, parse them against GFs API and collect the CR data from here. It will write the CR data into a seperated table and keep it there for immediate parsing and as buffer for one month to avoid multiple API requests to the GF for the same CR key.

    The CRs will be chopped in traditional Win/Loss entries as beloved by Ogamers to further being processed by the following two components.


    The Frontend will be a dynamic website, based on Vue.JS and Vuetify, with a minimal style and the usual personal and universe/global statistics.

    I do foresee to create batches and tournaments like, most win raider, most damage etc. and obtain batches for your profile. That however is in design phase and may come later in 2019.

    Please note that frontend screenshot is in very early phase without any data yet. Closed Beta testing was done by Discord Bot and direct Database only.

    As additional load - I plan to keep the Webfrontend free of advertising or analytics stuff. Any data in regard to GDPR such as e-mail and discord IDs will be keept for Raidos processing only.

    All processing is done optimized and full server side to avoid slow websites or slow upload. This is also the reason why all CRs are parsed by CR-Key instead of parsing the actual HTML for 0 loss crs. It simply keep the entire process flawless and fast, resize any load to SQL which is designed to handle huge amount of data instead of bully Chrome or Java with a lot of lines.


    Raidos is aimed to also supply a Discord Bot.
    The Discord bot can be invited to your server, should be set with a default Uni and home alliance(if applicable) to give quick heads up on whats going on CR wyse.


    I have to commit that I am not used to design frontends, therefore forgive me if designs are not as sneaky as you may see from professional CSS designers. Vuetify enables a front-end idiot as me to create smart frameworks and I work hard to supply different designs to the web frontend too.

    Author: faddi

    Website: (unpublished)

    Support: Supplied via Website and Discord on best effort.

    Browser: Extension have been tested with Google Chrome and Yandex(for mobile use). Firefox likely will work too but will remain as unsupported.

    Languages: English and German - localization can be performed with community support.