Ion Cannon revamp

  • The idea to make them "worth" (or maybe i should say "not useless") is to do that they can't be IPM'd.

    Still not OP, still high cost in term of service but they will be the only defence that you are sure had to be attacked to get destroied.

    Just to not be bullied by IPM and get farmed whitout a real attack (and with the attacks risks: ninjas).

    The RIPs and other ships will still surpass them easily (except LF).

    What do you think about it?

  • It makes MD obsolete in older unis, basically. Make 5.5k, and 10 rips won't be enough. Make 55k IC (only 440m def), and now even 100 rips can't break through. While MDs likely could use a nerf, this goes way too far.