How to create a moon with a alliance member

  • Hi! I know, I think, that to have a chance to get a moon you must have 625 light flight. What I wonder, if I attack my alliance buddy, what must I attack with? Maybe many light flights or more heavier ships? Can you specify it with numbers of ships and/or which kind of ship, and do I lose all?



  • If he has got no defence, 125 cruisers should do the job easily. If he has a ton of defence you will have trouble going through, send an ACS defend of those same cruisers and attack with 625 LFs (you can basically attack yourself too).

    This way you can also do ms trades etc, someone simply deploys 125 cr to his planet and he trades moonshot with another player who crashes his 625 in your cruisers.

    Use trashsim if not sure

  • The best way to swap moonshots is attack each other with either 625 light fighters or small cargoes for a 20% moon chance. You can do fewer ships but the chance of success is smaller and the moon size will be smaller. You have to have either enough fleet or defense to kill all ships attacking. This way each player can harvest the debris field from the attack on their planet and it will save time and duet. Also, the times can be set up and attacks sent in advance to arrive at a specified time that is convenient for each player. Just ensure that the fleets are exactly the same. All light fighters, all small cargoes, or an exact amount of mixed ships. The advantage of small cargoes is there is no collateral damage to the attacked planet.

    If only one player is getting the moonshot, it can get a little trickier. The person getting attacked can either pay the person attacking the required resources for the fleet build before the attack and harvest the debris themselves after, or let the player attack leave the debris for the attacker to reclaim. Some players will charge a small fee for the second type as they will still lose some resources.

    As with any and all fleet contact from lower to higher players, make sure you submit a service ticket before the fleets leave to protect from possible banning issues from pushing.

    I hope this helped a little and is not to confusing.