TOP 03 - [TOT: 113.601.715.000] Zorro09 [F G R] & Big Daddy Al [F G R] & Ocelot44 [F G R] & esio trot [F G R] & carbon [B A A L] vs. A r e s [JeB] & Taco Stand [ASSASSIN] (A: 21.201.815.000, D: 92.399.900.000)

  • Congrats on the hits guys. Well done.

    Nice to see carbon still a poor sport. I haven’t played ogame in almost 2 months. I went 13 years without being crashed, and I survived and actually built that account.(unlike your gifted account) It’s all a game, I’m glad to be out of it, I can say I’m so happy it wasn’t bibas.. but he doesn’t launch on anything so I guess it never would of been bibas 🤣

    Enjoy the profit FGR sounds like it was a good catch on sloppy play, no one can knock that! Defender, make sure you wreck field some of my old toys!

    And before those 13 years you ruined more accounts than AVB :tongue3: that you were also gifted.

    Some of us have long memories...and never forget.


  • Eddie Timed back like 10k bcs lol and cathedral aka Gordy boy I never ruined any accounts, don’t degrade yourself like the rest of the trolls, you used to be better than that

    Buying Deut, Universe 1 PM me here or ingame, same Name. Thanks!

  • @A r e s old friend so hard to see your account go down. I understand why it was time to go. You were one of my sponsors when I joined the Bunnies.

    Live Long and Prosper.

    Regards, version4



    JeB Jedi Bunny

    Long Live UNI 1
    Long Live UNI 17

  • it might be a good ally but not good as BAAL :crazy:

    and yea. carbon barbie where is my 10% tax ?

    Ares i remember you back then can Fr it easily with a lil effort ^^

  • Sorry for late reply - been busy with my grandson.

    Happy to see this plan come to fruition. It was only a matter of time.

    As for who was on the account, and what he was doing with it, that's for the other side to sort out. From our end, it doesn't make much difference.

    Sorry for your loss, Al.

    Good job done by all, and a great come-back for LD in particular.



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  • Eddie Timed back like 10k bcs lol and cathedral aka Gordy boy I never ruined any accounts, don’t degrade yourself like the rest of the trolls, you used to be better than that

    Oh forget us old timers hold all the receipts. The forums might have been purged, but our memories haven't...

    And 10K BC being crashed by the very definition of being crashed. Might not be a "big" hit in this uni now, but context is important. You were crashed.

    Or we could go down memory lane:

    Top 01 Dominus [Badboys] vs A r e s [eXGonZoS] (TD ~633m)

    Then there was also uni 10, 12 (multiple times), 14 and 15.

    You also managed to get the Italy account in uni 12 banned when Kim gave it to you and you tried to impersonate him and say it wasn't

    So don't try to play this off like your some kind of oGame badass Joe because we all know you're just an:


  • Congratulations on a planned hit, good co-ordination and co-operation by the attackers, enjoy your moment in the sun and of course the profits.:beer:

    Condolences to Al.

    Defender:blackeye: GLOTR who ever you might be.

    Oh and great choice of pic's:golly:


  • this is a profound hit. People can go on about who played what until they are blue in the face. What I see is evidance of the Cold War of uni 1 in full swing, with both sides now imperically showing what they are capable of. I hate seing Ares get wacked. I hate seing Jeb get wacked. I do love seing the evidence of the battle lines being drawn up though. Love it and cant wait to see more regardless of who is winning.

    Ps: In 15 years i am going to crash all y'all.

  • Then there was also uni 10

    You mean this?

    It's a shame we didn't get Tang in on this one, would have been cool to see two top 10's involving the same guys ten years apart!

    Oh wow...there are some names in there I have not seen or heard from in a very long time. I played with Spartan in 12, he was very good when he was on his "A" game.

  • This hit is a real mish-mash of alliances :beer: Used to love reading hits in old unis of 2-3 alliances v 2-3 alliances. What the hell has been going on in U1 lately? I've served 9 days of a 14 day ban and it seems like Armageddon is taking place without me. I'll come back and there will be a few miners left doing their thing in a giant, desolate wasteland.

    Well done on this hit and the other seismic-smashes the last while, to all involved. What a uni.

  • Sorry to see you down Ares, how ever the real life is amazing. Good luck what ever you decide pal.

    Nice Raid FGR people.

    Lolz, Lord42 still around haha and say he is gona crash you all, stay alert ^^ Good te see you still playing old friend. Sagitta still remember you :)

  • Joe,

    Not sure why you didnt tell ur buds (in JeB especially) the account was "traded" away weeks ago, but I'm very disappointed to see the noob at the wheel of this old iconic account ruin it. Terrible play that I attributed to you for the past few weeks (leaving cargos sitting for hours for instance) and now find out it wasnt Glad for you personally that you can let go of the Ocrack at last. Have fun brother, u will be missed. May be following in your footsteps myself here with these new changes coming up. Wont be Top Ten'd I hope but not looking forward to the game's evolution.

    Attackers: Fantastic play all around. Enjoy all that sweet profit to go with great TD and fleet numbers. This will help LDs rebuild and what a turnaround for him while Ive been gone! Superb Top Ten.

    Al, sorry to hear about your loss man. Losing an important family member myself a couple months ago, really puts things in perspective. My prayers are with you and the family in this tough time.

  • This hit has certainly ruffled some feathers in the uni. Nice drama :thumbsup:

    Huge hit here. Enjoy the spoils & FR to whoever is on that account. :ninja:


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