Scalable Building time

  • I wonder how players might like the idea of being able to scale building times, sort of similar to how you choose Fleet speeds? I know it's rare(r) to want to build slower, but it happens to me occationally, so maybe there are others that would like such a feature.

    Use percentages to speed to completion, just like in Fleet Speed. Once chosed and started, it could not be changed, just like fleet speed.


  • the only utility that i see in it is to be more simple to manage building queue or to use hide resources for a longer time, so that they can connect more rarely.

    If there is not other motives, I tell NO at idea, because increase the easy game.

  • This is going to give another advantage to miners, as they can hide resources in buildings rather res saving. I can't see any other advantage for this. For that reason alone, I'd thumbs down this idea

  • I can't think of a single reason why I'd want to scale building time. Why would I want say...a level 42 metal mine to finish in 2 weeks instead of the 4 days it would take me?

    As mentioned by someone else it sounds like what you're doing is using this as a way to save res. Fine I'm all for that but not so people can be lazy about res saving.

  • Of course it means I can delay building completion, perhaps with the possible reason of a "building save" . How is that lazy? It's no different than a long fleetsave to hide resources.

    But suppose, I was going to be going on a week long vacation, I wanted to reduce my risk of loss by using Both a long FS AND a long building save.

    OR, perhaps I just want to chase the daily Top 10 in points on MMorpg, and to do that I need to time the finish of one construction against another.

    Nothing about the suggestion hurts another player, but it does add a dimension to the alternatives of Res saving.

  • If you provide this means of hiding resources you're doing several things:

    You're taking the lucrative amount of res an attacker can get off the table and you're making it so less ships (cargoes) will be made presenting a smaller target for fleeters

    I'd have to decline, this isn't good, it's far too imbalanced and hurts fleeters too much

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