[TOT: 141.447.000] CHEETA [Knuck] & Daaq360 vs. Lord Cosmo [Val] (A: 32.559.000, D: 108.888.000)

  • Ok, Guys Just a Little addition to the CR section.

    First of all i'd like to thank CHEETA on bringing me along for the ride, cause lets be honest I did sweet F.A.


    It was a very fun flight!!

    First The Hit:

    While CHEETA waited on the initial Timer to pop up, he just sent out a quick message looking for any help. he could profit nicely doing it SOLO but wanted to share the love! Thank you for that!! really helps me go up the ranks!

    So timer matched we chatted, he was asking how many recyclers i had i was telling how many bins i had, he was asking what the hell are bins? then of course the HW had activity... so did the system so panic started.... is he online, do we wait it out? or recall cause I got his buddies 2 systems from me =0

    Sure we said we wait and see if theirs a timer, i could see a steady 40 system wide of similar probe timers on everything. 5 minutes later the actual Target Moon Lights up, now were in the air about 7 minutes in all. really testing our nerves!! so we checked it out incase more fleet arrived. nope must of been a probe keep flying still waiting for the HW to timer up.

    Timer Appears on hw matching everything in system and trail is apparent then, probe hit right before reset, so we know he hasn't logged but damn our minds thought of all the possible things that could be happening till this point. anyway all timers matched up perfectly we slowed it just to be safe n all, probed it all good and BOOM.

    Yep, then we were happy we knew we hit it...buttttt we had a little issue with the DF, we didnt have initially enough bins but we fixed that issue... well i Didnt as i said i done nothing really this is the most i have done for this hit.

    Anyway all secure and safe, few allies of defender probing around knowing full well we did it. Dont think their happy but sure look its how the game goes.

    All i hope is Defender doesn't quit and rebuilds and continues to enjoy the game. And no i'm not just saying that because their currently probing me, its cause if someone does it once they probably do it again.

    For the Dedication:

    Now this dedication goes to Mr. Tim Hyland, AKA Sars, AKA Bacon Pancake Man.

    After hearing about your Stroke buddy, it got me thinking of all the friends i made here in ogame over the years. most of which i lost contact with due to RL commitments and such. There are friend on games then there is certain friends i met through games but have gotten to know very well and appreciate.

    We met in ogame origins - where we probed one another, untill one day i gotcha - blind lanx return if i remember correctly... somehow after that we became good friends helped one another out only cause we could never get one another.

    So its officially the best hit i made on Ogame cause i got a great friend out of it!!!

    Went and found our newww numba wunnnn hit

    SuperAdvanced+NOO NUMBAH WUN ~ irishflash & daaq360 & sochin[fullmoon] & SAMMITCHEZ[Knuck] -vs- ALTON[TILC-FR] ~(TD: 3,03 G) TP: 430M

    But the reason for the dedication is so you know you need to get your ass moving back on track to ogame, cause i know how much you love it and sure we need to get some hits going... back to the hunting days!

    But most importantly Tim Get well soon! keep yourself in good shape and unfortunately no more bacon pancakes!!!

    Honorable Mentions:

    IRISHFLASH - KITTY - Renzuki - Nightmare - Cyyoung - Iceprincess - Beast

    PS: Yea i know swear it was new number 1 thats not getting beat for ages

    On 10-10-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker CHEETA [Knuck]


    Battleship 10

    Battlecruiser 70

    Small Cargo 1.000

    Light Fighter 12.000

    Heavy Fighter 2.000

    Cruiser 1.300


    Attacker Daaq360


    Small Cargo 53

    Light Fighter 1.153

    Heavy Fighter 10

    Cruiser 146

    Battleship 15

    Battlecruiser 20


    Defender Lord Cosmo [Val]


    Small Cargo 51

    Large Cargo 805

    Light Fighter 4.375

    Heavy Fighter 272

    Cruiser 586

    Battleship 46

    Colony Ship 10

    Recycler 695

    Espionage Probe 45

    Bomber 5

    Battlecruiser 537


    After the battle ...

    Attacker CHEETA [Knuck]


    Battleship 10 ( -0 )

    Battlecruiser 70 ( -0 )

    Small Cargo 569 ( -431 )

    Light Fighter 6.706 ( -5.294 )

    Heavy Fighter 1.440 ( -560 )

    Cruiser 1.241 ( -59 )


    Attacker Daaq360


    Small Cargo 28 ( -25 )

    Light Fighter 642 ( -511 )

    Heavy Fighter 7 ( -3 )

    Cruiser 140 ( -6 )

    Battleship 15 ( -0 )

    Battlecruiser 20 ( -0 )


    Defender Lord Cosmo [Val]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    5.017.921 Metal, 944.033 Crystal and 834.540 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 32.559.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 108.888.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 63.915.200 metal and 40.504.800 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 6.796.494 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 45.928.121

    Crystal: 32.024.833

    Deuterium: 704.540

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 78.657.494 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -61.906.921

    Crystal: -42.151.033

    Deuterium: -11.626.540

    The defender(s) lost a total of 115.684.494 units.

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