Solo Top 01 - [TOT: 247.172.915.000] Red Sparrow vs. Phoenyxx [Fleet] (A: 69.253.756.000, D: 177.919.159.000) PART 1

  • Folks, obviously the attacker isn't caring enough to respond to your accusations, and us moderators can't do a darn thing for you...So you might as well just stop before we have to start warning. Take any evidence you have aside from hearsay and conjecture to the game staff via a ticket. Final warning. I'll warn anyone after this point for even a hint of accusation. I also don't want to see, "Here we go, the staff is protecting staff again." What do you want us to do? We moderators have 0 in-game tools to conduct any sort of investigation and our game operators CANNOT use your ranting/raving as "evidence".

    In conclusion, stop blowing off steam here with cheating accusations...go make a logical and fact-based argument to the game team via a ticket. One more time - you will gain nothing but a ban for yourself if you accuse of/insinuate cheating here.


  • Give Mostaris some time to responde... now he has 200+ bln res to spend :D

    Real-life threats are not welcomed on this platform, yet they are allowed.

    Cheating accusations and discussions will be punished, unlike cheating itself.

  • Rav3n

    Added the Label Xanthus Pre-2022 Merge Top 10 Solo