Trying to figure out what universe to join

  • I am new to O game and am coming over from SFC Extreme 5. I am a retired person living in the US and am very active in these types of games. I want to find a universe with active alliances and people to play with. I don't want to join a dead universe. Any suggestions as to which would be the best one to join? Is this universe, Universe 1 still pretty active as it seems to be the oldest universe?

  • I suggest start here, but just use it as a practice account. Once you get to grips with the game, start an account in a new universe where you stand a fair chance of getting to the top.

    Good Luck :biggrin:


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  • Have a look at the CR section, plenty of hits are being posted so that should give you some idea of how active the Uni is

    As to which you should join, that all depends and what you want. Check the fleet and economy speed, DF% and defense to DF and then choose whatever you like the sound of

    If you join Uni 1 I'm sure you will find plenty of people willing to give you a boost to get started

  • join uni1 we have alot of solid players who can teach you the ropes and give you sound advice as to what steps you need to take and how to enjoy the game. as well.

    and several players normally send out gifts to newer players when asked. I believe all of us that do also give a little bit of starting advice on how to best use those resources to get rolling on a stable foundation

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  • I also would highly recommend U.1 for the following reasons as a server to "learn the ropes on"

    1) Any server less than 3 months old will be going through its first iteration of evolution and will be a steep learning curve for those new to Ogame and have yet to find their fleetsaving rhythm; Additionally, many of the newer Universes are using specialized settings which are simply not conducive to a "first time user experience".

    2) Servers older than 6 months tend to be very quiet aside from the top 100 and will inevitably be merged into much larger universes where starting on these "older" universes will put you at a perpetual disadvantage unless invited by someone already on the server.

    3) As stated above by others, U.1 is generally inviting of newer players and is a good way to get your feet wet within Ogame, where most will leave a new player alone until at least they attain rank 2500 / 2000 on the server. At 1x fleet speed there is usually plenty of advance warning of major attacks and with 5x economy rate + a vast selection of grey's to farm most will be able to progress effectively at their own pace for the first few weeks with multiple alliances willing to take them in and show them the ropes.

    I for one hope you choose to join us on U.1, if you do feel free to drop me a line in-game for additional advice / starter package.

  • Uni 1 is very active and the knowledge you can tap into is amazing if you ask the right way...

    If you Join Uni 1 hit me up I'll give you a boost...

    I joined Universe 1 and could not find you by the name Pogue Mahone or the alliance name BTMI

  • question...on the lobby page besides Universe 1...what does it show. Most of us play Universe 1 on .org which has a British flag next to it...if you're playing .us Universe 1 it has an American flag....and might be the reason you can't find Pogue..or BTMI alliance.