Reminder About OWM ( aka "definitely not" ALPHA )

  • It has been brought to my attention that is has now been well over 24 hours since someone last brought up the inferiority of OWM so I do feel obliged to do so.

    Now, anyone who hasn't lived under a rock already knows WCKD is in fact, better than OWM in every possible way, be it military might, trash talking, wasting deut just to flex.

    But the real question is, HOW MUCH better are we truly?

    Now let's try to answer the question while being as objective and unbiased as possible.

    First of all, who exactly are OWM?

    A quick investigation should provide us with a proper answer

    Name: Okames Waromat... Not sure what that means, but nobody cares anyway.

    Rank: Below WCKD

    Relevance: Less than WCKD

    Most "notable" members:

    Creatur of Abyss

    Rank: Below me

    Description: Basically half afk, hasn't played the game since July, he now for the most part reminds you of that lame uncle that keeps talking about how cool he was in highschool, in a poor attempt to divert from the fact that he is now a loser. We were quite surprised he was not awarded a honorary "Inactive" badge yet.

    Lord Draco

    Rank: Can't bother to scroll down that low

    Description: The wannabe loved child of the OWM alliance. 4/10 Comedian at best, spends more time hitting refresh on his gamestats page than actually playing the game, makes him feel like people actually care about him.

    Lego pirate*

    Rank: Below Euge

    Description: Does anyone actually know who that guy is?

    *Spelling corrected by Stratodinos

    Now that we cleared everything up, I hope everyone understands just how much better we are.

    That being said, we always recommend OWM as a decent Plan B, for when your application to join WCKD has been refused.

    If any question may arise, please feel free to ask below, as long as the tone of the reply implies contempt for those scrubs.

  • I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time:rofl:

    I have to reluctantly concede that WCKD is better than OWM in a number of respects:

    1. Getting crashed (no one mention Clyde).

    2. Losing their vowels.

    3. That's about it.

    OWM was considering taking rank #1 but the leadership team had a chat and decided that we didn't want to make our superiority too obvious like that (1st place is like, so 2018).


    :quote:RECYCLING SERVICE:quote: 

  • I'll have to remind everyone that MWA is the new black, and the only thing blacker than black is nothing. You don't want to be nothing, do you?

    Besides, I can easily come up with a few things we do much, much better than both OWM and WCKD.

    I'll start with the obvious; Mines. Our mines are so great that no other mines even come close. Just look at them, they're tremendous!

    Next up is something very important, not only in ogame, but in every online game there is: Board profile pictures. Ours are just better, more stylized and higher resolution. I mean just look at stratodinos, he doesn't even have one...

    Changing names in game, oh yes, we've done that more than any of these bot allies - do they even know how? I doubt it! We've been running themes from movies and popular culture, and hardly anybody noticed. Savages!

    Last but not least, we hold the record for the most GIF's posted in the Galatea section of the .org board. Again I have to ask, do you guys even know how? (PM me for a tutorial)

    I could come up with a lot more things we do better than any other alliance, but the above should prove my point.

    These are not hollow claims to superiority like "you can't even spell your own name" or "where did your vowels go" - what is this, pre-school? NO, this is ogame, dammit, and these are the facts!

    In summary: MWA is BETTER than your clan, NOOB!

  • You must be looking at non important lists like overall points or military - try eco points, the only stat that matter!!

    Time to get out my old ogame manual and work out what mines are used for again:search:

    I mean you could focus on mines like MWA or fleet like WCKD, but why not be the best at everything like OWM? :vain:


    :quote:RECYCLING SERVICE:quote: 

  • Ain't nobody read my original post where I mentioned several things we do better than y'all?
    I still stand by all that!!
    You still don't have a profile picture, and as long as that is the case I will debate with you no longer sir, it is simply not serious!!