Applications for Game Operator [CLOSED]

  • Dear Players,

    Are you interested in being part of our team and giving a bit of your time to help support the community?

    We're looking for volunteers to join our local support team as Game Operators.

    What would be your responsibilities?

    -> A Game Operator needs to be available to help players with their questions and problems on the board and via the ticket system.

    -> They also need to check his/her universes to make sure all players follow the rules and issue the necessary warnings and bans.

    Requirements to join the team?

    -> You need to be at least 18 years old to join the Game Team.

    -> This job requires some free time, so between 1 or 2 hours per day to be able to do your daily taks.

    -> You need to be a team player and work well with others

    -> Being able to accept feedback and criticism from others

    -> Knowledge of the game rules and experience as player is mandatory

    -> A PC, laptop, or comparable device which is capable of running Tampermonkey scripts.

    Content for your application?

    -> Nickname on the board and ingame

    -> Tell us a bit about yourself

    -> Your experience in OGame in general

    -> Due to different time zones within the team members and community members, tells us in which periods you would be available.

    -> Universes you played and are currently playing

    -> If you have been banned before, tell us about it

    -> What motivates to join the team and what you can bring to it

    If you do not match our requirements your application might get rejected. Pro tip: Put some thought into your application. A novel is not required but a simple sentence like "You should hire me because I'm good" isn't what we are looking for either. :wink3:

    If you are interested please send us an application via the following link:

    Apply NOW!

    Your OGameOrg Team

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