LanxCalc - A blind phalanx calculator

  • Hello everyone! :)

    Given that the tool I'm making should be completely functional soon (just working on some QoL features), I'm getting it ready for sharing.

    • Screenshot: gHMyna7.png
    • Browser: Standalone program for download, no browser needed.
    • Compatibility: Windows platform
    • Languages: English

    Plans for the future:

    • add load/save uni feature
    • add new ships when their stats are definite
    • export report into a text file
    • maybe add ACS support to calculate return times of multiple fleets in ACS, not sure yet as it potentially over complicates things

    Please consider the tool has only been tested on a x6 server so there might be issues in other unis (however there shouldn't be since the formula is universal). Again, if there are any issues feel free to contact me and I will rectify them ASAP.

    How it works:

    For the example here, I will be using my own overview info, but it is applicable to a simple phalanx scan results.

    Next to uni settings, all you need is following info: target's drive levels (spy report), origin and destination coordinates and fleet composition (slowest ship in fleet, the rest don't matter).

    This provides a return time of said fleet as you can see in a screenshot below:


    Please take note that you still need to guess the speed of the fleet you're scanning!

    In theory, this way you could also calculate someone's return time from debris field assuming you get the right time the target collected the debris. All you need to do is leave coordinates the same (same as moon to planet transport).

    Recall from deployment gets a little tricky though! When expecting a recall from deploy, note the time between your scans and note the time when you first notice the fleet being recalled.

    This can be impacted by your internet performance as well as server lag, so I suggest trying it out with a friend since sometimes it's smart delaying return time by a second or two to compensate for said problems.

    In this scenario, I recalled the fleet, noted return time as the time one second after it was actually recalled and set time between scans to 2 seconds.

    This of course gives you multiple possible return times so the program returns a range (from - to) of possible return times. I would still pick the latest possible return time but still left the possible times in, in case someone was afraid of target possibly being able to escape even at low time intervals.


    Special thanks to Fajki and the rest of Fenrir A-Team for helping me get this done right. It would be a long and frustrating experience making this alone.

    Have a nice day!

  • Well done buddy, well done! Great job with the program!

    Giving back to the community is awesome and thanks for mention ;)

    This tool will help out many out there to speed up their pro process :)

    Kudos savage

  • It's more directed towards new player who have bad understanding of blind phalanx + it really does save you time.

    Until recently, I wasn't really good on the subject either, take into account I play in the speed uni and you literally have seconds to calculate everything and in most cases you simply don't have time plus if it's a big hit adrenaline plays its part in concentration and efficiency.

    It takes about 20 seconds to determine return time under a lot of stress in my opinion, but if you've got time anything goes of course :)

  • Nice little thingy but we prefer old hand and writing with abit help of excel tabels :P

    First of all thank you so much for your time and effort on this new tool but i think i am agree with Old_Fella .

    Blind phalanx is something which needs to be do some math and calculation and only real and experienced fleeters have that ability. Most important part is adrenaline of course, with this new tool i don't think people can taste of it.

  • OK cool, I get your point.

    But take into account newer players could appreciate something like this.

    I've had two problems so far, one of them was misinformation. I followed a blind lanx guide from balkan forums, turns out the process was badly described, right from the part where you don't note things in server but rather in relative times to the part where they flat out failed in the part where you deduct recall time from arrival time in case of early recall and all.

    This one cost me a hit.

    The other time it cost me a hit was just bad luck, but I know that every time I'd have a chance to hit said target (since it's x6 fleet) I'd spot target's fleet on deployment with about 10 minutes left before landing.

    I got adrenaline rush which I don't really enjoy if I want to keep my head straight, looking around the room for a notebook, a proper pen, trying to make defender recall and then in the end it was "omg what was the slowest ship in the fleet again?".

    First time I think I forgot to remove double the excess time from the recall and missed the hit by 10+ seconds.

    I know at least for our test cases all return times were exact (including early recalls) so I won't have to worry about this anymore.

    There's still the part of determining when the fleet was sent so I think not all of the skill is being drained by this, if you can't determine it, you will fail again.

    Not sure what's the difference in using this or excel spreadsheet except that you need microsoft office or online tools for the former and the sheet probably has more features considering that it's older, but I'm not done working on this anyway (even though some thing were purposely left out for the sake of simplicity).

    After doing this 20ish times, I'm sure I'd get it automated in my head but I play in a dead uni and get a chance to use this once a month at best, a lot of other unis are like that. There's simply too little action in many unis for an average new player to have a good foundation to learn.

    Also, missing a calculation usually means your target whose moons you just popped is going into a very long vmode at least, if not permanent. I don't want to let that happen over a mistake on paper :)

    But after all, I get why you might not like using this and it's cool. Cheers :)

  • New players would but let's be honest myb 0.5 -1% of new players ever visit board... just look numbers ingame and numbers here... people dont even congratulate others on hofs or so, nor they even bother visiting helpfull threads..


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  • OK, here's an idea for you guys. :) -> Don't use it if you don't like it :)

  • do you oldtimers play without antigame and fill excel tables with coordinates of your neighbours?


    good tool there man, it`ll come in handy!

    'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

    'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

  • Well Mr. Stukov, on this occasion , not only do I offer you a modern way to calculate return times, but I also offer you a modern equivalent of well.... you! :) Real avatar material!


    Tnx Asto :)

  • Things changed and ogame has become lot faster from time when I started and since we simplified every aspect of game with AGO and other scripts why not make lanx calculator like this one. So savage well done:thumbsup: I really like your idea even I have my own version on excel


  • OK, here's an idea for you guys. :) -> Don't use it if you don't like it :)

    Don't get me wrong man. Its a very usefull tool and i would also use it like infoCompte or antigame etc. I wanted to point out that there are too many automated tools these days and you don't get taste of your manual calculation's pleasure and adrenaline.

    Hope that you finalise it and we use it. maybe we also add something with our feedbacks.

    Good luck!

  • Nono, don't take me wrong! I was just out of a super boring lecture and coffee machine broke so it was just morning me :D

    Today I pretty much finalized everything and I'm just waiting for the green light from GF, only 3 new ships left to add but since the update isn't officially out I don't want to add anything until I'm sure base speeds are correct :)

  • nice work mate, i think this might encourage players who are not generally the fleeter type to dip there toes into the water abit more, which in turn is good for other fleeters, more targets ect, apreciate the effort you have put in bud :thumbsup:


  • yea totally aggre, and since 2006-7 when ogame even came... IT's gotten better the calculations over years, unlike some new ones that even came to game few yrs or months ago , but anyways, whoever likes best tools can use them. We wont get into people's privacy or time spending commanding them what else to do or use. right.


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