LanxCalc - A blind phalanx calculator

  • Can I ask what it's written in/why it's only for Windows?

    Would you be interested in working with me on a Mac OS/Linux version? (Though I guess I could always Wine it.) I'm trying to run Xu Xin out of a job but people just don't like my spreadsheets enough :(

  • It's written in Python 3, I will provide the source code separately so it will be possible to run on Linux/Mac without virtual machines and similar stuff :)

    (afaik linux comes with python preinstall, you might have to install python 3 if python 2 is preinstalled, but that's it) :biggrin:

  • Doesn't know how to take ScreenShot on computer, uses phone to take a pic of his screen - but yea he knows how to use excel lol! You would be the first one to start using this tool or any other.

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  • Where's the download link? i find this very useful would love to test it.

    p.s. if you need any help let me know. I do some software development as well, but in C#.

  • Where's the download link? i find this very useful would love to test it.

    p.s. if you need any help let me know. I do some software development as well, but in C#.

    It's written in Python, so it should be trivial to use in Linux/OS X.

    That being said, as the script is not approved, there is no download link.

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    Also don't flame/attack each other in tool threads, keep it just about the tools and be friendly to eachother.

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  • Thanks a lot nma! :)

    Sidenote: If you put a zip/install the program into a directory where it has write permissions (for example Documents in my case, but you can manually change permissions yourself if you know how to do it) it will remember the changes you make in the uni options (uni speed, number of galaxies and donuts) and save them automatically so next time you turn the program on it will load your own settings. (tnx for the idea Fajki )

    If you don't want to play around with permissions, you can always edit preset.ini file with notepad and change values to the ones matching your uni :)

  • Hey guys! :)

    New version is out, let's call it 0.9.1a :D

    What's new:

    - new ships included

    - class bonuses implemented

    - added error messages so program won't quietly fail anymore, thanks AstralCodex  :)

    I'm still not 100% sure everything works, but times were ok in my tests.

    First screenshot is sending small cargo at 100% in x4 uni, nothing special. The class is set as General since that's the class I chose and as you can see here times are pretty much correct.

    Now I sent a light fighter at 60% speed, and as a General class I get 25% base speed bonus. Picture here. Sorry for overview spam Raschi :D

    Zip file ->

    msi package ->

    GitHub has been updated with an additional branch in case you use Linux or anything similar :)

  • Hey guys :)

    As I've made a few errors I need to upload another version of the script, so 0.9.2 is here.

    What's new:

    - removed Deathstar base speed bonus from General class (my bad for not checking, but wasn't explicitly stated rips don't get the bonus so didn't think about it)

    - UI improvements

    Download links:

    Zip ->

    msi package ->…ad.php/lanxcalc-092-amd64

    If any of the links don't work, let me know and I will reupload.

    The app should look something like this now:


    Happy hunting! :)

  • Hey guys!

    Sorry for what feels like spamming already, but at this point the script isn't really completely usable so I needed to upload a new version. (wasn't aware general and collector speed boosts are not same in all unis).

    Given that GF didn't state min/max values of the boosts, for now I've set min to be 25% boost and maximum to be 100% boost (like 100% for General class in universe Leda).

    Increment is 25% (if anyone is aware of speed boosts such as 80% on other unis let me know and I will adjust the values so they fit those unis as well)

    Version = 0.9.3


    - added two dropdown menus to set speed boost for each class (their values are also added to preset.ini file upon user changing options and are loaded from the file at program startup)

    - further improved UI

    Not really a change per se, but I set preset.ini to the equivalent of Leda's settings to avoid people having to manually edit the config file in case they didn't have write permission in install folder.

    Download links:

    zip ->

    msi package ->

    As always, for Linux users the code has been put to GitHub, just download everything from master or 0.9.3 branch.

    Current UI look:


    If there are any issues, please let me know. I will fix them as soon as possible.
    I've tested the program on Bermuda again (40% speed attack with LF, class General, early recall) and it seems to be working fine so hopefully it will work good on Leda as well.

  • Hey guys, I applied a fix to some possible overflow issues that usually occurred if flight time was recalled and lasted for more than 12 hours. If you intend on using it I strongly recommend to update as it usually occurs when number that represents hour of recall time is bigger than arrival time. The issue is the return time in hours is not limited to max of 23, but can appear as 44 etc.

    Still, for deploys that last multiple days there is an obvious problem but I will try to figure out a solution for it that doesn't necessarily impact GUI simplicity in a bad way. (worst case scenario we ALL join speed unis :D )

    To reduce forum spam, from now on you can find the project on SourceForge (GitHub will still be updated regularly). You can still reach me here for any problems or questions and I might post here and there if there's anything major to the release.

    Have a good day :)

  • You don't have to apologize for the spam ;) You've made an amazing app and I love it ;)