Astrophysics cost reduction.

  • i cant say im not liking the idea to lower the costs of astro

    but how does it benefit "us few" who are already on pretty much max astro lvl?

    With the lowered cost and time reduction even though you are right at astro 35 or 39 that reduction can if you're lab levels plus number of labs and IRN levels are high enough it can reduce the DM half complete cost to half it then wait till you can budget the other complete phase if need be. buy reducing the time from astro 36 1554 weeks to around 1481 weeks to 1494 weeks although those numbers are with lab 15's on 10 out of 15 planets and irn 8 so if the time is 323 weeks it would drop to about 267 weeks now in conjunction with the new content and classes. some facilities can be pushed to new hight's as well as having greater resource out put the needed resources will more available to go for bigger researches mines labs ship yards nanite's and so on. but partial dedicated planets will be a more utilized tactic to have larger labs on a set of 7 to 8 planets as with other facilities to maximize use of crawlers pathfinders and reapers. as far as production of resources ships and research goes.

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  • GF need new brains in the team to shake things a up a little bit.

    Wait...whut? :blink:

    it means, that if they have the same team/people working on Ogame for all these years, there could be a lack of fresh insight and new original ideas in the group. if you bring new people to the team who develops Ogame you will improve team's ability to evolve in new and better ways :) does it make sense?

  • Great, for a minute it sounded like you were saying the staff has no brains.

    Possibly true in my case, maybe not so fair when looking at others. :rofl:

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  • alex stukov Ok yeah I would agree for 1x uni,s and 2x eco unis. the formula can be set as so.

    Computer tech 17 plus IRN 7 the combine level =24 x current number of planets 12 = 288 x astro 21= (6,048),000 x 3.25 = 196.560

    so from 7 weeks 3 days . wuld be 19 days 6 hours and 56 minutes = 32 days 18 hours and 4 minutes build time for astro 22. instead of 52 days

    I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.