Gameforge and cheating/banning

  • Hey everyone (yes I decided to finally make a post on here!)

    I've just learned that Porta/Kempes have been banned again, and it made me want to post about banning and the game experience as a whole.

    A couple of months ago, I got banned from the game, out of the blue - no explanation, and no email or anything. I didn't know how to defend myself as I didn't know what I'd even been accused of. I can categorically say I've never cheated in any game - ever and nor would I ever. I assumed that this must have come from a complaint of some sort, as any in-game algorithm analysing my game would surely see I hadn't done anything wrong. Of course, I raised a ticket and asked what was going on.

    The only thing I could think of was that we had a member in our alliance who had told us he was about the quit the game, and would share his resources to others in the alliance. I had never asked for, and neither did he tell me he was going to give me any resources. The reason I make this point is if he didn't tell me he was going to send me resources, then I doubt he would have told anyone else either - so how could anyone have made a complaint?

    Yet I was banned.

    I doubted the in-game system had picked up anything nefarious because I don't cheat, so the ONLY thing I could think of would be a pushing ban.

    At this point, I would like to point out that I was a lower rank than the departing player, so receiving resources would have been perfectly legal within the game rules anyway.

    Within a couple of days, a GO had replied to my ticket and the ban 7 day ban revoked. They were really nice and a polite GO, but certainly not the best gaming experience. 2 days?

    Now I read that the Porta/Kempes accounts have been banned again.

    My first reaction is "good - they need to get cheaters out of the game" - as I have heard from multiple people that they knew that this was going on. My second thought was 'but what if they got incorrectly banned like me?' Now, from what I know, I doubt this is the case, but one thing stands out - the administration within the game is woefully inadequate. Players should at least be given the reason they are being banned. Those who are innocent will have an opportunity to get the ban rescinded, and those that did something wrong can have it pointed out, so as not to repeat it. It should also be done in a much better timeframe.

    As Porta/Kempes have been banned again, we can assume that whatever it was that they did wrong, they did again. Now if the GO's had told them what their infraction was, and if it was cheating - they should be removed from the game. permanently.

    The disconnect between the GO's of the game and the (often paying) customers is ridiculous.

    So, rather than launch new universes and try and extract money - try looking after the customers you already have.

    Regards to everyone (even Tony who smashed my face in a few days ago!)

  • I can assure you 100% that Porta and Kempes were culprit and knew exactly what they were doing.

    They got called out for it before even the first ban and never learnt their lessons.

    Sucks that you had to go through this but those two fully deserved it.

    Good news is I can say the vast majority of Galatea cheaters are gone and if there are any remaining well I don't know them.

  • For the limited money GF invests into Ogame I think the cheating levels are fairly low (thanks to the hard work of the GOs).

    More can be done, but maybe it's better to risk a few cheats getting away with it than to ban innocent players by mistake.


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