Starter Pack

  • looks like everyone have enought :)

    nobody asked ingame :)

    I have helped around 17 - 18 accts

    But then i missed to reply 2 people

    I hope they message you :)

    In the mean time ( Not always people joining our old uni ) :D

    So sooner or later you will get messages ^^

    UNI 40 >>> Top 10s >> Many :D
    Uni Mizar >>> Top 10s >> 6
    Uni Nekkar >>> Top 10s >> 14
    Uni Vega >>> Top 10s >> 6
    Uni 1 >>>> Top 10s >> 2

    Advanced hits never counted
    HOFS 1000 + :D So i stopped counting
    Over All Top 10s >>> 60+

  • I am geting only requests for moon shots... but I am not the especialist for that :P

    New players feel free to ask for res. See my signature.

    Looking for resources?


    :newbie:(n) < 50000 points
    ASK FOR RES!!!

  • I don't trust "noobs" who choose to start up in universe 1.

    Why would anyone genuinely do that ?

    Just saying ...

    well 1st ... its 1x fleet speed, 2nd regular 30%def in df, and 7xeco is somewhere high enough to still evolve + this uni seem to be very active compared to other unis. and not everyone wants to be #1