• SpyHelper



    • Ability to sort reports.
    • Total profit to be made on that target, can include existing debris, fleet debris, defence debris(depending on universe settings), account for production since the report was made.
    • View combat technologies without opening detailed report.
    • Condensed information to view more reports per screen.
    • Button to resend probes or send probes needed to view technologies(Button turns blue).
    • Loads all reports into a single page.
    • Store technologies, buildings and defences seen in reports to show in the future if they are not seen in the newer reports.
    • Color profit green if there is no fleet and defences present.
    • Calculate a score for the defences instead of the points invested in them.
    • Show Anti Ballistic Missiles nexts to defence score if there are any present.
    • Delete all messages below/above a given message given the current sorting(can be used to delete all reports below a certain profit, or above a certain defence score)

    Known Bugs

    • Switching to trash and back to messages, does not change messages into the spy helper format. Work around: Reload messages page
    • Loading messages with too many reports >50 can cause you to get DC.

    Planned features

    • Delay fetches of details to prevent DC.
    • Improve performance to show messages faster.
    • Calculate IPMs required to break defences.
    • Scale defence score with technologies
    • Account for energy in production calculations.
    • Colour code report age.
    • Sort messages by player and by coordinates.
    • Sort by player status.
    • Apply effects to messages in the trash.