Destroyer RF vs LF & HF

  • Hello everyone!

    With the coming of the Reaper, the destroyer will probably become "the new bomber", i.e. a 'useless' ship. Everyone, particularly in old servers, has thousands/millions of destroyers that will be forced in retirement because of the Reaper.

    I'm here to propose a new RF for the Destroyer: 10x LF, 5x HF. With this, the destroyer would keep its role and dignity.

    What do you think?

  • 10x LF, 5x HF? Too high. Even 3x LF, 2x HF like pathfinder may be high.

    Reapers can be only built by General, but everyone can build destroyers.

    Who will choose General when destroyer and Reaper are comparable?

  • The Destroyer has it's role... It's against Deathstars. No other ship is better or even close to the Destroyer against Deathstars and Deathstars are one of the main ships used in ogame. So yes, Destroyer has it's role.

  • I would just add some more damage, to be more effective, because when you mass RIP and cover them with LF even destroyers become useless, but adding rf against LF into a destroyer sounds out of place, that is the role of cruisers