Creating a presence

  • LOL, thats funny as f*&k !!!

    I guess changing their names brought them a bit more attention than they were expecting.

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  • so you changed your name, someone taken it and in response you send DM and move a planet to attack them and they move meaning you spend real money for no in game benefit and then search reddit for a year old post (that is likely to be out of date) and linked it? from a outsiders view point it really doesnt seem like something you should be bragging about, it comes across of you having thin skin

  • random guy

    See that's why we love to laugh at you MINER noobs so much.

    Ever heard of a mobile colony?

    Zero DM was involved, zero money was spent.

    Please educate yourself before yapping away.

    Maybe "MINER" should rename to "WHINER", would be very fitting.

  • wait so.... worst case scenario moon gets popped, right? Attacker would have to invest resources into IPMs or bash the defence before going at it sooo.... the guy really just saved his attacker's time, resources and ships from being wasted..?

    or am I missing something?

    btw lol, never even expected for a reddit OGame to be linked here, that sub is more dead than Fenrir is :D

  • This is amusing to watch. :zpopcorn:

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  • OK, but why? No one is going to brag how they cracked a turtle if it's just basic moon defence bash, at least to my knowledge.

    You'd lock his slots effectively reducing his profit from inactives, he would potentially lose rips in case of MD and you're like "hey don't waste your time man, I'll do it for you".

    Playing smart aside, Ogame drama is Ogame drama and I can't help but do what I do best!


  • Just to break it down

    I have spent 9 dollars, so whomever is to thick to understand the game well enough thinking I am spending DM on this...

    LOL, no

    I actually made 150kk in the last few days because I farmed inactives for the res to IPM the defense down. So, profiting overall so far and pulled a couple million off of Blizzard/Heretic also, nothing worth anything but a little less for you, and a little more for me

    I could care less personally about the name. You lack a certain...

    Fleet score


    Military Destroyed

    Ally affiliation

    The name doesn't make the player. The size of the stick, the ability to use it, and the points destroyed are what makes the players. Not sure what you think you have done but if you feel special, good for you. There is probably a gold start in it somewhere for you somewhere. A short bus too for that matter...

    I did not respond to ingame messages but let us review shall we.

    I got three pms with weird symbols, I assume this was some sort of haha?

    I got a pm about whether or not I was ok once the IPMs starting flying followed by a message saying he was open to talk anytime.

    Then he deletes his moon and I get a message about how this was a win win for him. He gets my name, and he deletes 3bn def moon, wipes the remaining defense off all planets, scraps sats, and builds fusions. Win win indeed.

    I then received a message about how the more I attack, the longer he keeps the name.

    Lastly, and this is key.

    Not once have I said anything to anyone about anything pertaining to this situation in my ally other than laugh and say I guess I don't get to quit. Frankly, I am going through some personal stuff and was trying to remove myself from social situations, from this game that I have profusely stated I was not interested in playing anymore, and nose to the grindstone as it is a busy time of year for me and not exactly the happiest time of year for myself.

    My ally, being the incredible ally they are, noticed this before I even noticed this had occurred.

    Fire saw it first and said, well this won't stand so if he doesn't do something ( referring to me ), then they would.

    Ice laughed and said he saw that coming ( tbf, as did i, fully expected it. I just expected somebody to do it, not a nobody) and that he supposed he would move in next door.

    New York has been sitting there for weeks, so not sure why anyone thinks he suddenly appeared there also unless you don't pay attention to what is going around you.

    My ally gathered around an absent player and was setting up to get my back, because that is how we roll.

    I just decided that as bored as I was, this would give my ogame life meaning for some time and provide us all with some good laughs.

    And it has.

    You can say it is win win all you want. At some point, I will bore of farming you, for sure. However, your boys might want to consider what a player who is targeting the leader of an ally might do once he gets bored with that leader. How many players do you have over there?

    I hope this has been a fun read for everyone. The last few days have been a bit more jovial for me since I've had some fun.

    Thanks for bringing me back to life, Blizzard. Frankly, I needed this.

    We'll continue this conversation in game buddy!

  • They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    We have allies imitating us.

    We have players imitating us.

    I guess we see who really has had an effect on this uni

    And Stukov is just jealous because we get all the attention, all the fun

    Please, hate some more

    I am just soaking it up and loving it all

    They just want to be Ice and Heretic! Who can blame them?

  • i was solely going off the picture provide to which there is 3 moon meaning you would have to either had multiple moon shots and roughtly a day to get a warp gate up which is investment or you would have had to move and so that is my mistake. As for educate remark i was solely going off my assumption and as i would assume you send from a moon in order not to be attack on the return trip. Also just to clarify when you say miner are you referring to the alliance or the play style?

    Also, you can name-call MINERS all day long. I built this alliance to help the new players of this universe. When they get bullied and made fun of, they feel it leaves no place for them, so they leave (speaking for new players as a whole). Especially when a 300,000,000 pointer hits a 10,000,000 for example.

    see this is the problem that ducks is causing they are openly bashing and destroying new players to which non of them can recover and just quit playing meaning due to there unwillingness to work with anyone but themselves and viewing the whole universe as against them with a "your with us or against us mentality" it has cause them to become the villains of the server and to my knowledge no one is willing to trade you so you send pointless and unprofitable attacks in the hopes of bulling them into a trade deal or in my case for them to relocate. You keep (childishly) insulting miners the 3rd best guild on the server and for what the occasional profit from a hit and i`m of the belief that if you start working with other alliances then it will be long run FAR more profitable because from my understanding that is what drives certain members, profit

  • Mate

    That pic is of Blizzard, now Heretic. It has nothing to do with any of us. That is his ss and his moons, minus the one he deleted so that he wouldn't get bashed.

    If you have on clue what you are talking about, you shouldn't make comments.

    If you think no one trades with us, you are seriously off your rocker. As one of my personal traders asked me the other day,

    "Doesn't half the uni trade with you now?"

    I laughed and said of course not or we would have no one to attack.

    You are correct in that, you are with us or you are against us.

    If you do not sell us deut, and you aren't someones friend, you are a target.

    This game, for some it might be a sit around and do nothing but collect res and build mines, which I mean, there are better things to do in my opinion. That is kind of like jerking and not getting the pay off, no? Then there are some of us that view it as a war game. There is this tab that is the shipyards and you can build these things called ships. There are different kinds, but most of them are used for attack. This might come as a surprise to you, but there are people that use those attack ships. It is why they are there. If you want to go play farmville, by all means go and do so. Don't get bent out of shape because some people suck at the game (maybe you included since you hide behind random guy instead of using your ingame) and some people are good. It is called winners and losers. Can't have one without the other.

    Maybe you came up in the generation where everyone got a trophy, even the guy on the bench picking his nose, but beyond some snowflake, liberal thinking., that is not how the world works.

    Side note, MINERS is not the 3rd "best" guild in this uni. Maybe they are ranked third because they have lots of players and you think that equals to good? We have beaten the bejesus out of NoEmo, pretty much the entire uni, and they are LOADS better than MINER ever thought they could be. MINER is in 3rd for allies, based off number of points. That is all. MINER is a target ally, that is all. Great place for people to get together and maybe learn the game, though it hasn't seemed to many have learned much of anything, which is why they continue to be targets. Admittedly, MINER has 4th place in military destroyed and one might attribute that to being the 4th "best", however, when you are attacked, you will often do damage when you are hit.

    Perfect example is Fatalni aka Fatty Fat Fat. He is rank 7 in destroyed points and with that alone, oh, he must be pretty decent. Then you look at his points lost, which he is now number one after we nailed him the last time, and realize he has only done damage that high because he has had his teeth knock in so much that his dentist is now competing with the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates for richest mother :censored: in the world.

    Personally, I don't mind being a villain. Those on top are always hated by those on the bottom.

    Blizzard, my personal life has nothing to do with any of this and is inconsequential for what is occurring. Frankly, who cares about my personal life?

    The only reason I never bothered you in general is because I have issues with attacking people I talk to. It is stupid and needs to be done away with but that is just me.

    Your lack of attention paid to you is generally because you were not worth the attention. If that gives you right to brag about having not lost hardly anything at all, so be it.

    Military destroyed is not a reference to military lost. It is the score based on MILITARY DESTROYED. I might add that your lost count has gone up a good bit and you are now in the top 100 due to the loss of your moon. Just saying...

    You, like a few other people, do not actually know the history of this ally or the uni and I have shared this already.

    People that joined this ally were hand picked.

    No one joined to be safe. Anyone that was unsafe wasn't good enough to join. You would have never been invited, no offense.

    NoEmo formed into what it was in response to Mafaka and I going hard in the paint on multiple targets from multiple allies. I spoke to Ice about a merge because we went from fairly evenly tied in power to being overwhelmed. Once Ice with the Killerz and Azrael S with me merged, it made the power base even once again. Then we beat the brakes off of them!

    The uni merges began and not knowing exactly what would happen, we spoke to Ducks about a merge. I might add they added very little in fleet power at the time, they were just solid players that we could not really get a good hit on. They also were in a position to pump fleet with the level of mines they had. We only lucked out that Fire ended up having a HUGE acct in a uni that ended up merging into Virgo.

    At no time was this ally, nor will it ever be, built from people who joined to be safe. We don't remove targets from the uni and put them in our ally. If we thought we could tap the Ducks, they would have never been invited. If I thought I could easily tap Killerz, they would have never been invited. Merging was done with the sole purpose of keeping the power bases between the two largest players in the unis even, and has always been that way until we leveled the competition.

    If you can't beat us, you sell us deut. That is, has been, and always will be the deal.

    You and everyone else can drop this whole, we were always huge and untouchable. We pulled lower skilled players for them to be safe. We never had any competition.

    Just like your buddy random up top, if you aren't actually aware of the facts, you shouldn't comment on things you don't know about.

    Veni, Vidi, Vici

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  • That is pretty subjective and obviously, I would have a bias towards my people.

    Of course, not everyone plays the same either so then you consider the fact that some may not see military might or damage done as a defining factor of who the "best" is.

    I would follow that with, no one really cares what I think about it and despite the fact you asked, would say you also probably do not care what I think about it.

    I'll give it a shot though, opinionated as it may be...

    Tried to take into account not just totals, but the average per player which I thought should be a big factor also

    Overall Points

    Asrael D


    MINER (oh yeah, i said it)


    Azrael D




    Asrael D


    Israel S (what is left of NoEmo)

    Overall Military

    Asrael D


    Israel S

    Military Destroyed

    Asrael D


    Israel S

    I would probably say at the end of the day

    Asrael D

    Israel S


    if I am just breaking down to try and make one set of picks based off of everything. Again, subjective and biased as it may be, that would be my thoughts I suppose.

    Take that as you will