uNu scrpipting.

  • Here i am to show you guyz how a guy named uNu(rank 6) is using bot for farming.

    He is growing 1B ress a day as you can see on gamestats, he grew 40B pts in a month!

    I already reported him, hopefully few more people can do the same!


    roll a dice google

  • Hi AGFS.

    The only place I've stumbled upon uNu is in the auctioneer where he is incredibly fast to counter-bid (1-2 seconds).

    I don't know anything about botting in OGame, and I just wanted to ask you, if you presume he is botting solely because of his 1 Bn ress /day and his 40 Bn growth?

    Again, my lack of experience in OGame is the only reason why I ask :-)

  • If you pointing to the fact there is only 1 sec difference between to two planet being attacked means nothing,

    One is further away from slot 15, hence one has slightly long distance to travel,

    Regards Narcy

    "In the End, We Will Remember Not The Screams Of Our Enemies, But the Silence Of Our Friends".

  • Wait.

    We are talking about same system attacks. 1 second in return mean 0,5 second dealey to attack beetween those 2 targets in blue.

    How can someone send an attack in 0,5 sec? Same ships.

    The only way to do it is to send the first at 90% and then send the second to 100% at the right time.

    But i think go can see when the fleet was sent. If the 0,5s is true, definitely a bot user. If not, meh, wahtever.

    My suggestion: Change game! Feel free to follow it or not, your choice.

  • This is my point. We all know that he didnt send that one attack on 90%. Why would he? he sent attack in same system. Im not accusing him becouse i saw it now, i saw it 100 times and got tired of it.

  • Hello.As I said to you earlier, I am not working currently, so I have time to make Billions.

    In that picture that you put here, I didnt see any scripts,we can see more attacks in same system from which 2 are in same second.Which means this can be only a delay,a bug,I dont know, I dont care what it is.

    I play Ogame since 2007, I was never been accused with this thing you keep saying I am cheating,I am really bothered about this.

    Yes, I use scripts but legal ones, AGO/AGR and Universe View. I am wondering if you even hear of them? Do you even know how AGR + keyboard works?

    Anyway, I think I gave to many explanations. I kindly ask one of the GM to clarify once and for all this situation. Thanks

    Good evening everyone!

  • Looks like he clicked on send fleet twice, happened to me a few times hehe

    but these attacks are not on the same coords, that bug happens when you spam send fleet button and it sends twice, but on same target not on 2 diff ones