do GO's regularly check for this stuff or someone needs to report?

  • hello my lovely and friendly universe.

    as i have time today, i decided to share a funny stuff from our universe. if the thread is liked and i have good feedback, i may continue to it with other allies / players and some screenshots. :S

    i always believed i have good eyes on tracking stuff going around.

    now todays subject is TURK alliance. they are so funny with these 5 members;

    TURCO - NICOMEDIA - CANER being owned by same player (it definitelly was the case a couple weeks ago but for now only nicomedia and turco belong to same player i believe?). they all were lit around same time of the day and when i used to jump to G2 to hunt one of em, i always launched on all 3 of them. it was either i manage to hit all 3 (while active, caught idling for an 8 min flight) or all 3 moving the fleet. priceless. :cbanned:

    sky relocating (its so funny, check sky's mmorpg page and see the relocations he did on inactives and when those got deleted due to >35 days inactivity, he relocates to new ones...) to inactives and also relocating to players below rank 100 who try to farm those inactives. proof for this is Teseract. a player who has cluster in low G4 and left game due to sky relocating to him and IPM'ing / bashing satellites non stop. reason? reason was because tesearct sent some raids on an inactive that sky relocated in, sky saw this from phalanx and threatened him. Teseract was are you kidding? its an inactive on the universe and he gets relocated.



    hiltici having cargo fleets on every moon with 30-50M res and collecting a couple times a day and biddin on auction whenever he's online, wasting lots of resources to it...

    i've seen them transporting resources to TURCO account (and now to nicomedia) so the owner of these 3, boosts fleet on one of the accounts. after i've hit turco now transports started to nicomedia account... well this is not cheat (to transport resources on lowest rates onto same account and then doing it every 3 day back and forth with changing the resource so 'legally' pushing himself) nowadays apparently as it's how some accounts were boosted to top in quantum as well.

    but the trick is this 6th account that they brought back from vmode. the vmode long enough that i have never ever realized this account being in the universe in my 7 months of being here.

    check this account;


    its nickname was selo before (which is a short version of a turkish male name) and was changed into ALBERTO recently. the TURK alliance decided they dont want to get hit by us (me and predator being pretty close to almost all of their cluster planets in mid G2) and decided to colonize a system in G6 far far away from me. :unsure:

    while picking the system, they did it on a system where 8 planets were colonized by the same inactive that didnt get deleted after 35 days. sky, turco and nicomedia accounts moved there (2 of em relocated, turco colonized his 12th planet there). there were a few empty planets insystem and they didnt want someone to move in in future to smack them like it happened in mid G2. so they used ALBERTO account, i've took this account to my antigame target list and was regularly checkin. he abandoned all of the planets and filled the empty slots in G6. now they can claim it is their friend and they asked him to move insystem bla bla. well if its your friend and helping you to close the system and abandon all planets, lose 700k points of his current 1.1M points and falling into noob status then you should at least NOT PUSH yourself with this account. wouldn't you agree?

    also i would like you to check their g2 low system regularly. if they find another account, they are definitelly going to shuw that system down as well as some of ALBERTO's colonies were taken in there after he abandoned his original one's. :squint:

    nicomedia, caner and turco had been repeetitively hitting and stealing its resources in last few days. screenshot of 1 example ( military destroyed / military lost);


    i would like our some of our mostly dead universe's active players to comment on what they see here. i am very curious of your opinion. thanks in advance.


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  • GOs check their universes each day. Being humans sometimes they miss stuff, especially if it is a well crafted cheating going on.

    If you feel like your GO has missed something, we ALWAYS say present what you have in a ticket and we can follow up and take a look, and act accordingly should the evidence meet the criteria Gameforge has for enforcing the rules.

    and BTW...pretty nice investigation RyaRaineS have you ever thought of a career in the GO business? :biggrin:


  • I've got no time for cheaters. Nice investigation work

  • VAN b, runs investigations like he does fleet...phuc'n monster machine. Turco been creatively achieving their ogame status since Turks been doing ddos attacks on server back in 05-08'. Just saying, it's a known....even if you had pictures/video of Turco in front of comp pushing buttons and his accounts.....still wouldn't be enough. Sorry, love you GO's, you volunteer and you do catch a lot of cheaters.....just not a lot of the obvious ones with evidence. Can't wait to see how things go with new phuc'd update.......fml lol;)

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    Like we having 14 year old girls here. I expect now everyday status with some quote and selfie from toilet."
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  • oh a lovely update to the thread;

    now after me taking down sky, turco and caner, getting their hardworkingly pushed!! fleets, they decided to push YUKSEL account now. (if you're like who the hell is yuksel?!, CAN --> SHECO --> NICOMEDIA --> CVN --> YUKSEL, guys always caps lock on, lol).

    yuksel account is getting approx 1 billion fleet growth a day recently. while turco's account (previously turco, then NCC 1701 and now kara korsan) and CANNER accounts get nothing but go down on ranks while pushing him.

    i crash some of the lame pathfinder fleets & res they leave on moons and planets occassionally. today i got 130M out of sky + YUKSEL. one day i will get his main fleet as well. so him pushing it to top is actually a good thing for me, he'd be #2 top 10 solo hit at the moment. he shall push a little bit more so i get the #1. :tongue3:

    meanwhile, after crashing him we exchange some dirty talking. as he's illiterate and probably couldnt even write down a sentence telling his name in english, all of his messages are in turkish. he keeps telling me that my time is coming soon, that i am scared.

    though while telling me i am going down, its sad to see he and his multi MIS-RELOCATED to another allymember of mine instead of me... i was really expecting them to my system, i am not filling my system with multi accounts as they did 2:98 and 6:112... :sleep:

    oh also, i know that a non-english message will cause a 1 day ban at first violation but i dont report his insulting messages. why would i? i need him to grow more.

    today i want to share you a few screenshot's. this lovely push account lands to a completely 2 different moons everyday but today he jumped to 2:201:13.


    now there is no resources, not even a doot fleet. he's not stupid enough to stay in 8-9 minutes of flight time to me. reason he jumped to this moon is because push account CANER's turtle and fleet landed here, so he jumped, they made some tricky back and forth resource melting on marketplace and transferred all of caner's res to himself.

    on this next SS, you'll see 85M, 75M and a 51.5M "DEEP SPACE!" resources being transferred back to CANER's planet, soon to go back to 2 201 13. well, if he were trading xgalaxy it would take 30-40 minutes for SC's to deliver the "push" goods to him, eh? its faster this way.


    also they push fleets of CANER to that account as well. another SS of mmorpg on military destroyed / military lost is put below. if someone's curious of my military destroyed on the previous hours update and no one losing any? let me clarify that i fight vs aliens / pirates alot... i've already stated it before.


    also dont try to say CANER might have lost that fleet into aliens or blackhole because his expo fleet (also put on the 3rd screenshot below) consists 24.46M fleet. he havent inflicted any damage so its not pirates, its not blackholes since its not 24.4M nor the multiple of it...



    "Fenrir, the giant wolf, could not be constrained by any means known to man, so the dwarves forged a chain, but not from metal. Nothing made by man could constrain Fenrir, so they forged it from the things we cannot see and the things we cannot hear. Like the breath of a fish… the sound a moving cat makes. The roots… of a mountain."

  • oh and when i was telling him that the only way to even imagine getting to where i am was is pushing himself through Marketplace more with the 2 discoverer accounts and constantly sending his res to himself, he replied in a funny way and said; "meh isnt that the way you got your 100k reapers too?"

    priceless, isn't it?!

    maybe the insidious snake of the universe is also curious (the target of these words knows himself so no need to call his name to make him pop to talk crap) on how did i jump a couple days ago? so i'll reply about it as well so people get the idea.

    i was sitting on 3 billion resources on the day of 11th of december because i was saving for astrophysics 22 + 23. then after the update came in, i havent chosen a class yet but decided to go with discoverer after what i've seen from my allymate.

    on the SS below, i'll post my topraider stats from 10-28 of december so you get the idea. remember that i have close to 150M (M+C+D) daily production which isnt calculated via topraider so another 2.7 billion resources onto this. also i have the best supporting alliance in the universe and i get lots of trades so deuterium was easy and i merchanted some metal into crystal as reapers require higher cry / met ratio than production and hits bring to you.

    2.7 billion production + 3 billion res save for astro 22+23 is 5.7 billion. with topraiders 13.1 billion profits gathered in past 18 days its around 18.8 billion resources.

    and no, it wasn't 100k reapers. was 112k reapers. i've even brought 800 million moon deuterium to my main to achieve as much as i could with 1 class switch in 20 minutes.

    there you go;


    "Fenrir, the giant wolf, could not be constrained by any means known to man, so the dwarves forged a chain, but not from metal. Nothing made by man could constrain Fenrir, so they forged it from the things we cannot see and the things we cannot hear. Like the breath of a fish… the sound a moving cat makes. The roots… of a mountain."

  • I have 2x his eco and am a discoverer running 400+ expos a week

    Meanwhile he is a general with no hits and yet he outgrows me these days :lol:

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