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    Important Information:

    - There are reports of people believing their resources are resources resetting when they refresh the page. This is not the case.

    If you don't have enough energy/ no Deuterium but only fusion reactors, your counters are shown to wrongly count up. Refreshing the page fixes this, so the amount you have after a refresh is the correct one. To avoid this, leave some Deuterium behind and ensure that your energy production can handle everything.

    - The Marketplace takes out all offers, searches etc automatically after 3 days if they aren't taken. The fee will be deducted as if it was manually cancelled.

    - There is a limit to how many offers/searches you can open. Your free slots are visible under 'Fleet'. You get additional slots with the Collector class or by increasing your computer technology level.

    - Your marketplace messages stay for 7 days. After that, your trades are automatically delivered.

    - The amount of Crawlers shown in your resource setting is the working amount, not the total amount.

    Your working amount of Crawlers is capped by your total mine levels. Only working Crawlers consume energy and produce.

    - All Class boni on speed etc are on the base values of the ships.

    - You can only have one class! Deactivating or changing it causes the old one to be permanently lost! You will lose the boni associated to your previous class when you switch it.

    - There was a change with the debris fields. Before, we had a maximum cap of resources that could go into a expedition debris field, now it’s a percentage. 20% for Discoverer, 10% for everyone else.

    As many of you have been asking for the current expedition formula, here is how to calculate the profit now:

    (0.5*Eco speed)* current existing base loot.

    The 0.5 is a standard value in the configuration.

    If you are a discoverer, the result of the formula above *1.5.

    If you take a pathfinder with you, the result of the formula above *2.

    Note: if you have a pathfinder, but don't have the doscoverer class, the formula still calculates the *2.

    When you have an active Discoverer class, the formula works as follow: (Baseloot + Classbonus) * ecospeed.

    On default values in a speed 5 universe: (1 + 0.5) * 5.

    The Pathfinder gives a boost of *2 on the base loot of an expedition.

    Both can be combined, so if you are a Discoverer and are flying with Pathfinders: (Baseloot + Classbonus) * ecospeed * 2

    Without any bonus, your baseloot is simply "1".

    Clarification of the crawlers:

    As some of you have been reporting issues with the crawlers production, here you have specific information.

    To know how many crawlers work in your planet with an example in numbers this is the calculation:

    Metal 30 + Crystal 30 + Deuterium 30 = 90*8= 720.

    720 crawlers will work in your planet.

    720*0.0002= the production increase in your planet. (the production in your planet *1.5 for the collector).

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