[TOT: 0] lIlllIllIIIIIIlI [HOT] & Ahnult [HOT] & SAnitY [MINE] vs. Tony montana [CLOSED] (A: 0, D: 0)

  • Tony Im sure rocky would laugh at you for not have the smarts enough to tell my five year old English from his. You guys couldn’t hold up his jock strap. Lol I speak with small words cause that’s my best right now. And no at karma it’s your dribbling digitally over rocky crumbs.

    Have you been holding his junk? Is that why you only have small words at your best?

  • You mean HOT flying with MikeG under the MINE tag because they are gullable?

  • You mean HOT flying with MikeG under the MINE tag because they are gullable?

    I feel obliged to reply to this comment. We have a simple rule when it comes to people joining, and that is that we all agree to let that person in. If one member is unhappy, then they are refused, whether they are a new player with 1 point or the highest ranking player. If sanity is indeed Mike Grinder, then it would be a surprise but he's not given me any reason to be concerned so I am happy that he is with us. Over the years we have had our fair share of people joining us to find information on various aspects, so we do know any new members might have some other motive in joining us than just wanting to be a part of our team.

    This was an interesting combat report, and I imagine you were very pleased to escape. :)


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    madheadshrinker 18.01.2015 13:49:32
    You actually are insane

  • wait mikes back? Why dont I know this? 🤔 there is one mike back but he’s not the old mike but one older then mike the one that’s not as old as the first mike. Surely if mike mike is back he’d join the house of terror?

  • I can respect all that Pink, I've been in many unis with you and have seen you get hit over and over but still respond positively:thumbsup:, Id have to agree and say this isn't Mike, simply because I took over his last fleeting account and he hasn't been back flying sense I tried to give the acct back to him many times due to the stress lol and he'd always turn me down and we both knew why :fatgreengrin:.. as I stated I was surprised to see a Hot member fly with someone from another alliance due to they are such a tight bunch. Still a great hit for both Alliances and nice to see an active fleeter in Mine Alliance:thumbsup:

    Fr Tony

    Hot needs somebody to rec out.:biggrin:

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