Seems legit

  • oh maybe i dont really know just checking in. I gave the account away before the new patch anyways.

    But i see our mofse friends are up to no good still with a GO who wont so anything about it.

    Look at all the bot accounts at the exact same rank being farmed. And yeah i guess the discoverer class is op when you have 10 bots farming all day.

    Its been such a nice couple months away.

    Also noticed my best friend mikey got a new account again. Dont get spy and flied mate.

    Still owning vega disturbed?

  • thats not why the discoverer class is op

    they gave expos 20% df and didnt cap them lol

  • If i may ask, what do you mean with that print screen of the mmorpg stats thing, i am really confused by what you are trying to convey with those stats

    Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat

  • Not farmed I am guessing, wonders of another update feature , market. couple that with other shady shit. sky is a limit

    Yes , still owning:biggrin: