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    I come here to present my new extension, and hopefully have it tolerated ingame !


    planets production.

    Number of needed cargoes is display in front of the planet resources sum : PT is the french abbreviation for Petit Transporteur (Small Cargo) and GT is for Grand Transporteur (Large Cargo)

    Current builds are also better displayed with the target level and the amount of remaining time.


    red : missing resources (here 663k metal)

    white : what you have in excess (490k crystal)

    the sum : how many you need, how many you have missing).

    Under, betwen parenthesis, the number of transporters the missing amount or excess amount it represent).


    Ship details added in tooltip and ship speed displayed at top of ship picture.

    The capacity of the selected fleet is also displayed in this screen with the minimum speed of all selected ships.

    • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Firefox android
    • Compability: Ogame V7, AGR, UniverseView
    • Languages: French only for now, but the extension does not add a lot of text !

    Thank you and have fun using OgameLive ! :thumbsup:

  • New version available : v1.4.0 !

    In this version, a major feature ! OgameLive now take into account In Flight resources !

    In Flight resources, "En vol" in french.

    When fleet arrive to destination, corresponding resources are added to the corresponding planet resources.

  • Hello

    Thanx for a great addon

    Could you describe step by step what to do to get these resources inflight counts into account?

    I still have "En vol M:0, C:0, D:0" (although i have same resources acctually in flight on my cargo)

  • You just have to connect to your ogame account and it retrieve the data for you.

    Which browser do you use ?

    It works properly in Chrome, but I have effectively found this bug in Firefox.

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  • Firefox

    I checked. You're right. On Chrome works fine. On FF it doesnt :)

    Other thing i would like to mention:

    The bar from GameForge covers some of the info on the bottom and makes it diffcult to read. It looks like this:

    Keep up excellent work :)

  • Hi there,

    Firefox problem with In Flight resources have been fixed just and published just now as v1.4.1 !

    Enjoy !

    Edit :

    I have reproduce your problem on a small browser window. I will try to fix it for a next release ! Thank you :)

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  • That looks like an awesome add-on. I'll try it when I'm back from holidays. Excellent job!

    Do you think there is a way to add options so that we can choose what to display? For example, I love the planet info but I would not use the shipyard extra tooltips. I'm also wondering whether resources could use abbreviations (123M en vol instead of 123.456.789).


  • New version available : v1.4.2 !

    In this version, I have enhanced the "In Flight" display by adding a fleet icon near the destination planet in planet list. Hovering the icon display a popup listing for each fleet approching the planet the remaining time and the amount of resources.

    In Flight icon and tooltip

  • I like the idea of your add-on, and I have installed it on Opera with Chrome extension manager.

    However, I see no way to get your extension to pull data from each planet. I have to click on each planet for it to fill the values of Resources, and then click through each planet again in Fleet View, to get those values.

    IF I have to click through each planet individually, your extension ads no real value to my game experience. I was hoping to see a single click, and pull data from each planet.

  • NoMoreAngel Thank you for your approval, it's very apreciated :)

    Uberman thx for you review.

    After you have visit every planet, your production rates are up to date and should normaly update automatically. Plus, In flight loads are automatically cumuled to destination planet resources when the flight arrive.

    I don't think that automatically load all planets data by fetching all planets page by ajax will be a tolareted feature by Game Forge. Perhaps NoMoreAngel could confirm ?

    Or maybe there is an API that provide such data ?

    However, all addons that i have tested load there data by visiting all planets one by one.

    Maybe one enhancement will be to get some data when user go to the empire page ?

  • Hello, Thank you for all the hardwork you put in on ogame. Im an old ogame player since servers had numbers instead of names :P. I just recently created a new account to play with at work. I liked the extension you have created, better than most out there. I just have a few suggestions that might interest you.

    1. It would be cool if you could have a script that would calculate how much time you needed to have the amount of resources for a certain upgrade or building.

    2. How long till your capacity is full, would be helpful in calculating your fleet save and such.

    I dont want to through a lot of suggestions your way so for now these would be extremely helpful in my opinion.

    Keep it up!!

  • Deer OgameLive users, i'm prood to announce you the 1.5.0 version !

    This version become functionnal with Ogame V9 and Life Forms !

    Disclaimer : I have only test this version with the FR Mathilde universe.