Good bye!!!

  • Well gents, logged into Uriel last week and marked account for deletion! Think Klaw got the fleet! Started new area in work last march and haven't a second to look at the phone! If I'm ever indoors again or have kids I'll think about coming back but for the next 5-10 years, think I'll just watch the boards. Been great craic, esp in Uriel and xlyanth. I'm sure I'll meet all of ye in a few years again, thats ocrack.

    See ya :thumbsup:

    Rigel: Retired (and what an awful player)

    Xalynth: top 50 .... top 5 fleet ............... WAS !!!!!!!!!!! (Merged)
    Hofs -24
    Advanced - 5

    Vega: merged 31/3/16 Hofs - 6 Advanced - 10

    Unity: 69 hofs 33 advanced 2 SuperA