Top 03 - [TOT: 4.230.488.000] Trump [PNT] & HanFei & Lord Altair & LaoZhongYi [LYY] vs. C4azyDam1 [Mafia] (A: 1.014.809.000, D: 3.215.679.000)

  • i just want to show you that CrazyDam1 just changed his nickname but he is the same player... Usually beginners change nicknames expecially when CrazyDam1 thinks that other players believes on him.

    As you can see all knows that you are the same person.. Expecially me that i don't follow too much this game.. so don't say that you will challenge all in the next uni. youre here again xD. Don't hide yourself please. You have money to waste.. We don't xDDD.

    ps= You still think im a noob.. so you asked your friend Yune to mooncrash me without see anything on phalanx.. Unlucky for me bcz i don't know how but Yune payed the Saints maybe.. so he lost 1 deathstar only lol.

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  • Chinese cheater(s) doing it aga

    I dont know did you saw, but i was on when your attack was on about 40 mins, if i remember well,, I lost will for playing couse you guys have several accounts from which you are buying fleets for lowest metal, trading ress for lowest market price, so part of me wanted to quit much earlier, but bcs some people i was trying to ignore that... Noone cant compete fair against legal pushers, and you guys cant compete with me if you play fair, but i dont want to write any excuses, thats not your fault for that legal pushing(cheating) so i decided i wont play anymore untill they dont fix all that legal pushes

    P. S. Wanted to take you all df but jumped wrong, so enjoy this profit and gl with pushings legal and ilegall, you know lao the best(how people comes with fleets and ress under your moons with planets)

    Good luck to all, and see you on first fair universe where those shits wont be able to make...

    I just want to say that you are wrong and you should leave Ogame.