Fishy players acting fishy

  • So given that the last 2 years I have never said anything on the forums, and the universe's forum seems as dead as uncle Ben, I thought this was a good way to start.

    The past few months or so have seen a great increase in suspiscious activity. Many players, and myself, have seen others rising millions of points a day, at rank 500, 300 and so on. While trying to hit some of said players, we're also faced with the strange fact that they never seem to go offline. What's more, they also have proven to show script knowledge, since they use it the auction house (be that tolerated or not, making and using a script is not for the average non programmer player, I would know, I am one of them).

    I've contacted the GM's twice on this subject by now, and I am willing to think that they lack the resources to investigate the matter with the necessary depth. I'm optimistic like that. But even if that is the case, it doesn't change the fact that these players are jeopardizing the game's experience. It's like you're running in a competition, and suddenly a guy runs past you with an Air Trekker.

    That all being said, what opinions do you guys have on this issue? and would you be willing to help us act on it?

  • I wrote this the other day in another thread.

    Guys do you also have the following problem in your unis? This got way worse since the update due to the newly introduced "mechanics"

    Some people have multi accounts running bots that do 24/7 expeditions and then after some days they push the main account... some dude (and known to be a universal cheater in every uni he goes) has increased in ~1 month 150% of his points in a 1 year old uni... You can clearly see the pattern that several accounts are 24/7 online all the time doing expeditions and then suddenly some days they lose all the fleet points while the pushed account gets it (all through market place)

    The worst is that mods will allow this to happen... So I have several questions.
    1. Is this happening in your unis?

    2. Even tough the market place is legal, why arent those behaviours forbidden ? The pattern is clear... X accounts are selling cheaper to benefit 1. And those accounts have very fishy behaviours.

    3. Why arent accounts that stay days always online banned? Just because a human could do that?

    In my uni there is a set of accounts doing expeditions 24/7 and they have a crazy growth, no matter how small they are. Expeditions allow big growths now... then those accounts suddenly lose everything one day while some people get all the points...

    -- You've met a terrible fate haven't you

  • someone teached the poster that "Chinese players increase faster" in another thread and I told him that "no, Chinese players are too weak :)"

    what's the problem with you?

  • Ya botting is very annoying. We've had one of those 24/7 activity players on zibal since it started, I don't even know how tickets have been submitted against this guy yet it continues. Now he found an auction bot and it's got more annoying, again I submitted a ticket and so far again nothing. You can't even hit the guy as he will auto fs no matter what time it is

    Retired old dude


  • Yeah the auction thing Is apparently a "tolerated script", according to dmins. So I just downloaded it and have been fighting fire with fire. But th 24/7 shit is definetely not tolerable, but they keep saying "i'll take this to the admins" or "we need to gather evidence". And I'm like "bitch, evidence is right here". There's no way someone would be able to pull off 15 mins activty for 24h as a human being. Even the worst case of insomnia goes to sleep for at least a few hours when their body starts failing. Things need to change, support needs to be taken more seriously by whoever it is that's neglecting it.

  • I've lost all hope that this situation is going to improve sadly. Your best bet at the moment is try focus on your own game and ignore them, you will get best experience possible.

    If OGame team or administration don't care about purging the cheaters, they could at least allow it for everyone and provide links on how to install :D

    Bizarre, but still more effective way of solving the problem than the one we're currently "using".

  • if their hands are really tied it makes no sense flooding their inbox with reports they can't act on

  • It can be downloaded here:


    It needs some shenanigans before you can run it, so let me know if you need a step by step. I never got one, and with my limited computer knowledge had to go out and find out on my own. But once you get it running, you can bid the least amount necessary to win every 0,5 seconds or so. That's how I've been beating the bots in the auctioneer so far.

  • I'd like to thank everyone concerned enough to message me ingame about the subject. Mainly Phil, Silesia, Emeralddream and Cyb. Although it is a vast trouble, with many different issues envolved, it's good to see people care and are not willing to just let the game die. For those of you who are feeling hopeless though, try and find the strengh to push forward. Help us help the admins make this game good. A game is only as good as it's comunity, and if we join forces, there's no team china or bot that can last.

  • So many things in this thread I don't quite know where to start... Botting is super super annoying, happens in every universe, I do feel sympathy for GOs though, so much suspicion about who is using bots and who isn't that plenty of people get accused that are playing clean but there isn;t smoke without fire, just hard to identify who is using bots and who isnt. Also as said previously, those that do use bots seem to do it more intelligently.

    Regarding Marketplace, the update was introduced before it was ready, now the people who were complaining the update was taking too long are complaining it is a mess. What could have been good for the game is being exploited, but is that the fault of those who implemented the changes? We've been told that everything on Marketplace is legal, so what is happening in a lot of unis, sadly is legal at the moment in that regard, and I know that there is frustration with some GOs with what has been going on with Marketplace.

    I apologise in advance for everything

  • I definetely agree that it's much more complicated than just "blame them GOs"but we do kinda need something more out of the support system.

    It is a lot of fires to put out at once, but getting rid of these things, to me, should be priority. Balancing will be fixed eventually, but letting multi accs and scripting go unpunished is exactly the reason why many people are just going perma vaca and migrating to other unis. Uriel has become a deadwaste of players, with the top 100 being composed of idk, 60 players and 40 multis? People will not go back to the game if they don't see a chance to grow, this supremacy we've all been atributing to the chinese teams so far.

  • The team dominating Uriel was the team that was best prepared for the merge, and the best organised team. Uriel and every universe would hugely benefit from a way to combat cheating more effectively, the game would also benefit from balancing the classes from the update and removing other bugs, some from before the update and some that have appeared more recently.

    I apologise in advance for everything