OGame Auction Hotkeys

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  • Attention:
    I have noticed that this addon is no longer working as of 26/08/20
    I believe this is why:
    The URL for it's activity is no longer accurate.

    The URL that the script tries to match is:

    Whereas it should be:


    See the attached picture:

  • Is it fixed? or is there any way to fix it?

  • OGame Auction Hotkeys
    Is it down? NOT WORKING
    Is there a tutorial on how to install it and use it because at this time it is non-functional and there is no guide instruction on installation and how to use the hotkeys. I need help T.I.A

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  • You can just change the links in the tampermonkey source code as stated by Sinoxa and it will work again, i mean, the keyboards keys havent changed, that code is still working x)

  • here's a script with honor points aswell, I don't see any reason they should be left out.

    be careful though, there might be a reason why it's not allowed, i'm not submitting this as an extension:

    also, the extension isn't compatible with Antigame.

    Goodbye old friend.

    It has been a good run (2005ish - 2020).

  • I've encountered quite a few people clearly using something similar as they overthrow my bids nearly instantaneously. Unfortunately for me, I have zero experience with scripting and coding languages in general. Is there or could anyone provide some simple guidance regarding the installation and use of these hotkeys to someone of my knowledge? :D