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  • Attention:
    I have noticed that this addon is no longer working as of 26/08/20
    I believe this is why:
    The URL for it's activity is no longer accurate.

    The URL that the script tries to match is:

    Whereas it should be:


    See the attached picture:

  • Is it fixed? or is there any way to fix it?

  • OGame Auction Hotkeys
    Is it down? NOT WORKING
    Is there a tutorial on how to install it and use it because at this time it is non-functional and there is no guide instruction on installation and how to use the hotkeys. I need help T.I.A

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  • You can just change the links in the tampermonkey source code as stated by Sinoxa and it will work again, i mean, the keyboards keys havent changed, that code is still working x)

  • here's a script with honor points aswell, I don't see any reason they should be left out.

    be careful though, there might be a reason why it's not allowed, i'm not submitting this as an extension:

    also, the extension isn't compatible with Antigame.

    Goodbye old friend.

    It has been a good run (2005ish - 2020).

  • I've encountered quite a few people clearly using something similar as they overthrow my bids nearly instantaneously. Unfortunately for me, I have zero experience with scripting and coding languages in general. Is there or could anyone provide some simple guidance regarding the installation and use of these hotkeys to someone of my knowledge? :D

  • I've encountered quite a few people clearly using something similar as they overthrow my bids nearly instantaneously. Unfortunately for me, I have zero experience with scripting and coding languages in general. Is there or could anyone provide some simple guidance regarding the installation and use of these hotkeys to someone of my knowledge? :D

    Okay, I also saw the same thing happening in multiple universes - where 1 or 2 people are using a script to win pretty much all auctions. That is annoying and I personally think this gives an unfair advantage to those who know how to install and use such script, and such functionality should be either prohibited for everyone or made known to everyone.

    It's actually pretty simple. I'm not a developer and have no idea about scripts or similar stuff so if anyone thinks something below is incorrect or insecure for whatever reason, please don't use it. Also I'm using Chrome so not sure if this is supposed to work differently in other browsers.

    1) First you need to install the Tampermonkey extension: https://www.tampermonkey.net/

    Watch a short video under the Installation header on the site. It should give you a high-level idea of how it works. Here's the direct link to the video in case the page gets updated and they remove it:

    2) The video should tell you how to install tampermonkey, create, save and modify a new script. When you create a new Userscript, use the code provided on this page or in the thread above: https://openuserjs.org/scripts…me_Auction_Hotkeys/source

    It's the same code.

    3) Modify the URL on line 7 of the code. It says:

    "// @match https://*.ogame.gameforge.com/game/index.php?page=ingame&component=traderOverview*"

    Instead of the first * you'll need to put your actual universe the way it's displayed in your browser so that the result looks something like this:

    // @match https://s130-en.ogame.gameforge.com/game/index.php?page=ingame&component=traderOverview

    4) Save the result, check that you can see your new userscript when you click on your extension in Chrome view the Dashboard.

    Hope this helps make the auction process a bit more fair :evilgrin2:

  • Good tutorial.

    But the main issue is not addressed. Banning this addon would not make situation more bearable. Since how would GF determine one is using this addon and not just being fast at clicking. Auction needs design change, something that does not promote unhealthy gameplay (sitting and waiting and frantically pressing these buttons at the end).

    First thought that comes to mind (and to be honest, the most reasonable) is something a long the line of "conventional auctions." You can make a bid, if you are overbid you can bid again. At the end of the timer (around half past o'clock) ever overbid extends the timer for few seconds so others can react. Like: "Going once, going twice, sold!" or something similar. Of course, there should be hidden hard timer, so two players couldn't bid each other for eternity; maybe 5 minutes before new auction. Your unsuccessful bids are not consumed at the end, only last successful bid is charged.

    Another suggestion, that was posted in the past, is to hide player names. But, again, this does not address the main issue: unhealthy and unfair competition that's more based on internet latency than any skill.

    Yet another was that a player can bid only once and this bid would be hidden till the end. This is somehow interesting, because it would create different dynamics that would be also less stressful and more fun. But in this case, resources that would be bid should be lost, otherwise players would always bid value of their amortization (i.e. how much does 10% actually give a player in 7 days), a bit less actually (so they gain something at least), or at least a bit more then their competitors.

    I remember one more: a player can win an auction only ones, twice, three times, ..., per day. I think this would become another just Import/Export, with a different flavour but same calories – at the end of the day, a player could get only one (or more...) items like they do on Import/Export.

    Anyway, all of this suggestions would be better than what we have now.

  • nah dude i wana see the names to see what ashole bid 20kk ress on energy buster some ppl are just asholes

    but yeah one auction per day is good but have it 7 auction per week, no matter if one per day or all same day

    that way it would actually give ppl meaning to bid as in , not to bid on everything all the time everyday for 20kk ress coz im an asshole but actually bid on stuff i want coz i only get to bid x times per week

    win win


  • I probably shouldn't have starter my rant here, and I apologize to the author of this addon and to all future readers.

    But, since we are he, I specifically said that just hiding names would be the worse idea. In all others all players would see who's bidding; if not now, at the end of an auction.

    Also, I made an argument, why a limit in auction (that would limit the number of times a player can bid in a day) would be also bad idea. If not bad, just a boring one, since we have this limit already: it's called Import/Export.

    All in all, you should actually thank this player that you are insulting now, if it's even true. In any case, by biding more then he would potentially gain from an item, he is just losing resources. And by doing that, he is making a game fairer for others, since nobody is getting any boosts and nobody is wasting time sitting on an auction. Win win.

    I suggest you open a new threat and we can talk there. I just wanted to point out that giving everybody this superpower will solve nothing.

  • yo im not insulting the dude nor you chill :)

    im reffereing to stuff i see on auctions and not blaming the tool as ppl can bid stupid ammounts for anything without the tool, the whole auction system is broken and i agree with you

    but you right not the place for this sorry op