Finite universe

  • Ogame is filling up with practically unpopulated universed and I think it is a serious problem since the few remaining players enter to test a universe and 1 year or less is again depopulated with just 200 active players.

    The idea is to create a universe with an expiration date of 1 year and at the end the universe would be reset.

    obviously it could not be an economy universe x1 would be an X4 or higher.

    To promote competitiveness we will have dark matter prizes for the top 10 (Example 1 unit for every 1000 points at the end (if the player ends with 20M points, 20,000 units will be taken at the end) or for the 10 biggest battles.

    I think it would encourage that depopulated universes are not created waiting for the mergers and regarding dark matter people would spend a lot since everyone wants to be in the top 10 before it restarts.


    In Spanish:

    Ogame se está llenando de Universos prácticamente despoblados y creo que es un problema grave ya que los pocos jugadores que quedan entran a probar un universo y 1 año o menos vuelve a estar despoblado con apenas 200 jugadores activos.

    La idea es crear un universo con fecha de caducidad de 1 año y al finalizar se resetearía el universo.

    obviamente no podría ser un universo economía x1 sería un X4 o superior.

    Para fomentar la competitividad podrían haber premios de materia oscura para el top 10 (Ejemplo 1 unidad por cada 1000 puntos de puntos al finalizar (si el jugador termina con 20M de puntos se llevaría 20.000 unidades al finalizar) o para las 10 mayores batallas.

    creo que fomentaría que no se creen universos despoblados a espera de las fusiones y respecto a la materia oscura la gente gastaría bastante ya que todos quieren estar en el top 10 antes de que se reinicie.

  • despite the downvotes isnt this something that Travian did?

    its an interesting idea. all it needs is worthwhile reasoning. there could be a universe where theres a kind of endgame.

    Maybe after 6 months relocations are free and you reduce the number of galaxies from 9 to 5. After 10 months you reduce them to 3. In the last month you reduce them to just 1 galaxy and shorten the number of solar systems. This would force players to fight each other. Eventually there will be just a handfull of fleets left. When the deadline arrives the universe ends and you could give prize ribbons or whatever to top players which they could display in new universes.

    Obviously this is an idea meant for only 1 of a kind of universe since it renders other types of gameplay useless (miners, turtles, etc), but i think its quite interesting.

  • Bad idea

    1). Ogame is a resource management and strategy game. that is for the long term not short term. play

    2). no we do not need any more stupid ideas getting implemented.

    3). No bad Idea players who have invested years decades in playing the game and building their accounts lose out when you put an end point in a game that is meant to be a build till you die game.

    I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.

  • yes, I like the idea of reducing the univeso from time to time so that the free gaps are filled and the end is still intense.

    the strategies would be different and it would be of little use to have mines of a very high level. or inpenetrable bunkers. It would be like a race to have maximum points or battles with more destruction.