Server Settings.

  • Only suits fleeters? Lmao.

    1x fleet speed, 100% deut, no DiDF, 7x eco, +30 fields...

    Only thing that does help fleeters is 50% DF wich is perfect IMO, not OP but still rewarding for fleeters

    A decrease in deut consumption would be the only thing I would really argue for. It would help Discoverers as much as fleeters so wouldn't make any difference in the balance.

  • this server setting change only suits fleeter here, no thought for other players. very very unfair. me and friends agree we will quit here if anything change. not fair setting change.

    Thing is miners in Virgo have been getting buffs for some time now:

    -last server change was from x5 eco to x7 eco

    -being able to relocate from any slot to slot 15 (the biggest buff to miners in my opinion)

    -adding collector/crawler

    I'm a hardcore miner myself and i think Virgo is the best uni to mine. But I see absolutely nothing unfair by making the server slightly more fleeter friendly, hell maybe it will spice it up by encouraging people to make fleet.

  • Summary as I see it so far for potential vote:

    - Deut from 1 to 0.5 (seems popular)

    - DF from 50% to 70% (popular, but contested)

    - Research speed to x14 (if this is indeed now allowed)

    - defence to df (very contested, so maybe a vote on 10%)

    how the vote is done will be important. If it is a single vote for all applied settings I’d suggest dropping DiDf and a combined vote on the other 3. If they’re all individual vote on all. Personally, I’d rather see a consensus on a package deal to push forward.

    I’d vote for all above changes but would drop didf if needed. If it was package and the only way to get 0.5 deut through was to drop increased DF I’d begrudgingly do that

  • I really like the idea of a combined package deal, as usually there are less fleeters in the game and their interests won't pass within an individual vote. I am sure we can agree on dropping the DiDF setting.
    It would be nice to have 3 packages to choose from

    Pack 1:

    Deut 0.5

    Reasearch Speed x 14 (if this is indeed now allowed)

    Pack 2:

    DF from 50% to 70%

    Deut 0.5

    Pack 3:

    Reasearch Speed x 14 (if this is indeed now allowed)


  • Don't flame me now, but is it eco x7 max we have atm? If not, if it's somehow possible to up eco as well ( let's say x10 tho' we need confirmation from staff about it ), we could include that as well in package.

    And on the above post, yeah, I completely agree we should vote on package deal. Everyone will win some and lose some, think it's the only fair option.

  • I joined this server because the server settings are suited to more passive players. In fact, Gameforge advertised it that way.

    It seems unfair for fleeters to now be saying that the server settings aren't fleety enough and "please change them to suit us".

    This is the same issue that cropped up at the last merge, when the proposal was to merge Virgo into a fast universe.

    We won that battle BUT we got a bunch of big fleeters merged in here to eat us instead.

    Now those same big fish are asking for more advantage.

    Vote no.

    No changes to Virgo.

  • Merged here? Only firestorm of the top fleeters merged here. The rest of us built our accounts here, many from scratch. Don’t make up rubbish.

    The settings have already been changed to make it even better for passive play, x5 eco to x7. So why should the fleeters not also ask for something. Research speed increase will benefit passive play, reduced deut to a lesser extent.

  • .5 Deut doesn't just help big fleeters but small to medium fleeters as well, also miners......LC deut consumption will halve! = quicker mine building :beer:

    The best way to help fleeters is to not fleetsave :thumbsup:

    deut consumption will have 0 effect on whether you get hit or not, but will have a positive deut saving effect for everyone in the uni.

  • I would like to see the vote on server settings as 4 independent sections or if need be 4 separate votes.

    • Do you support a reduction in deut consumption from 1 to 0.5?

      o - Yes o - No

    • Do you support an increase in debris field from 50% to 70%?

      o - Yes o - No

    • Do you support an increase in research to 14x speed?

      o - Yes o - No

    • Do you support defense to debris field?

    o - Yes o - No