Top 09 - [TOT: 35.186.835.000] IIlIlIlIllIlIIll [HOT] & SAnitY & BUYDEUT [MofS_E] vs. samson 1956 [CLOSED] (A: 4.215.659.000, D: 30.971.176.000)

  • jeez. Talk about crying...

    Do you honestly not see why you get the warnings? You only have yourself to blame with that attitude. It's like the entire world owes you something.

    Take a chill pill, a deep breath and start behaving like a human being.

    Tony, sad to see you leave, you will be missed :tongue3:

    On to the hit, nice one.

    Enjoy the profit.

    Shame it's on samson. Wish you a fr