ACS Top 01 - [TOT: 36.277.571.500] LordPayne [NYSM] & RoTT [NYSM] & Shy [NYSM] vs. Piraten [A-F] (A: 6.633.418.000, D: 29.644.153.500)

  • and this account went to NYSM too xD

    Nice 1

    well wheather i like it or not , i have no say in whatever the new owner wish to do , but its the smartest thing to do anyways there is no competing with them now

    he did the right move i guess unless they fuck him over lol

  • Grom you had your chance to prove yourself here, what did you do? You quit because you couldnt keep up, you were top 10 on the begining like every uni you start where you can buy yourself a rank with money — buying ress with DM. After the game moves on you are keep falling down on stats — see norma or every uni you have played. So a meee noob like you i dont have to explain shit here you can write what you want, i do not care. Call me scumbag cheater or traitor :censored:

    As for the hit — ok we could delete him from BL and tell him you are a target, we will hunt you, period. We didnt we choose this way, maybe wrong way, depends on point of view, we have ours you have yours. Do i feel bad about this, yes i do, i chat with piraten a lot, but i have seen him as a huge threat for the future play. I dont have to explain myself to anyone here nor justify what we did, but i was like i will write a line or two..

    Warned, insult


    Wow dont play this uni, but you sir are a lowlife! A threat?? because you judged him on your own low standards perhaps!? Lucky in life normal people dont have to come across such people as you often! you sir are not even a snake you are a WORM!

    Bad hit no skill glirl defender

    and glirl with attitude like that attacker iam sure you need it